Episode 118

Pneumonic 2ube: Electric Boogaloob


October 5th, 2020

2 hrs 6 mins 53 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Justin Peterson to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Toys, Reality Television, World War II, Webseries, American Music Awards, Famous Composers, Academy Awards, Football, ‘Weird’ Al, Medical Terms, Olympics, Television, Manga & Hentai, Sandwiches and more!

Round One

  • TOYS - Arthur K. “Spud Mellin” and Richard Knerr re-invented and popularized what toy in 1958 that has been enjoyed by children and adults since 500 B.C.?
  • REALITY TELEVISION - What rock star was featured on talking urinal cakes that were distributed across the U.S. to promote their reality show ‘Family Jewels?’
  • WORLD WAR II - In World War II, Italian forces took the town of Sidi Barrani in what country, but were defeated months later by British Commonwealth and Imperial troops (who retook the port)?
  • WEBSERIES - What is the name of the popular webseries launched by Rooster Teeth Productions in 2003 that ran for 17 seasons and was made using clips from the Halo video game series?
  • AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS - In 2018, Taylor Swift became the most awarded female winner in American Music Awards history with 23 awards, a record previously held by whom?
  • FAMOUS COMPOSERS - Known for their work on West Side Story and On The Waterfront, who conducted a 1989 concert celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Round Two

  • ACADEMY AWARDS - First being nominated for 1968’s Valley of the Dolls, who holds the record for most decades in which to receive an Oscar nomination (and is also the most-nominated person currently living)?
  • NFL player Greg Zuerline is known by what nickname?
  • ‘WEIRD’ AL - What television show is referenced in three “Weird Al” songs: “Amish Paradise”, “Stop Dragging My Car Around”, and “Isle Thing”?
  • MEDICAL TERMS - What does 'CPAP' stand for (in the breathing apparatus used to prevent airway collapse as it cures obstructive sleep apnea)?
  • OLYMPICS - In 1976, what city became the only in history to reject an offer to host the Olympic Games?
  • MARTIAL ARTS - The name of which form of martial art translates to 'Gentle Way'?

Missed Corrections

  • Missed Correction theme by Rumplesnailtskin Mike C.
  • Seth calls in to reward us with a point; as phrased, The Battle of Midway was the first major defeat of Japan in 1942. Guadalcanal was the first major land battle defeat.
  • Stewart from Columbia has a question about writing gendered trivia questions.

Rate My Question

  • TELEVISION - Alan Bennett, Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore created and performed what stage show that is widely credited as starting the British satire boom of the 1960s?

Final Questions

  • MANGA & HENTAI - In the manga and hentai community, what is ‘ahegao’?
  • SANDWICHES - Consisting of 1 pound of bacon, a jar of peanut butter and a jar of Blueberry Jam served on a sourdough loaf, what is the name of the sandwich that captivated Elvis upon his 1976 visit the Colorado Mining Company?

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