Episode 123

The Anchorite Four


November 9th, 2020

2 hrs 2 mins 32 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Patrick Norris and Mike C. of The Anchorite Four to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including World History, International Trade, Music, U.S. History, Novelty Toys, Short-wave Radio, Automobiles, Art History, Poetry, State Mottos and more!

Round One

  • INTERNATIONAL TRADE - International trade lawyers for what company found a provision in a book of federal tariff classifications and argued that their client sold toys (and not dolls, as a doll can only represent a human being) effectively cutting their import taxes in half?
  • INTERNATIONAL TRADE - What Yemini port city was the center of the coffee trade from the 15th-18th century, and shares its name with a coffee bean known for its chocolate flavor?
  • MUSIC - Which band (whose peers include Joy Division, The Smiths, and The Buzzcocks) started in 1976 near Greater Manchester, England, had 48 Live albums, 31 studio albums, and 48 compilation albums, and featured only one constant member, who was their singer until his death on January 24th, 2018?
  • THE SUPREME COURT - There have been as few as five Supreme Court justices; what is the greatest number of Supreme Court justices there has ever been in the U.S.?
  • CIRQUE DU SOLEIL - In what country was Cirque du Soleil founded?

Round Two

  • NOVELTY TOYS - In 2003, novelty toy company Archie McPhee began selling an action figure modeled after Seattle's Nancy Pearl, known for her "rule of 50" and for holding what job (for which the action figure was titled)?
  • SCALES - The five stages of the Tanner Scale are used to define what?
  • URBAN PROBLEMS - A fatberg, a congealed mass of fatty objects that causes huge problems in aging cities, can be found where?
  • SHORT WAVE RADIO - Unidentified radio broadcasts on AM and MW short-wave radio bands containing a mechanical sounding voice (male or female) or a series of voices going on for hours on end, sometimes accompanied by music, tones or other sound effects, are called what?
  • 60’S ROCK MUSIC - What singer found The Doors frontman Jim “The Lizard King” Morrison so obnoxious that they broke a bottle of Southern Comfort over his head on two separate occasions?
  • ANIMALS - What water animal has the biggest penis size in comparison to its body?

Rate My Question

  • WORLD HISTORY - The Enola Gay is the name of first aircraft to do what? – Submitted by Alex P.
  • AUTOMOBILES - The Spirit of Ecstasy is the name of the hood ornament placed on the front of every car of what car company? – Submitted by Alex P.
  • BUSINESS - HAL Laboratory, a Japanese video game company responsible for the Kirby franchise, has its name inspired by what international business corporation? – Submitted by Patty

Final Questions

  • ART HISTORY - The Fountain, a landmark ready-made art scultpre that debuted in 1917 that consisted of a urinal, was created by which artist?
  • U.S. CITIES - What U.S. claimed to "cure" chronic homelessness in 2016 claiming that reduced homelessness by 90% through a housing-first program?
  • POETRY - Walt Whitman, wrote the poem, this dust was once a man about which U.S. President?
  • STATE MOTTOS - Which U.S. state motto is "friendship", inspired by the state name which itself means "friends" or "allies" in the Caddo Indian language?

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