Episode 125

Limes T' One


November 23rd, 2020

2 hrs 16 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Seth to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Global Trade, Celebrities, Plants, Companies, World Records, Concerts, Scales, Movie Characters, Seinfeld, Missing Band Members, Sports Stadiums, Psychological Terms, U.S. History, Inventions, Alex Trebek, and more!

Round One

  • GLOBAL TRADE - Norma Jeane Mortenson was the birth name of what Hollywood star?
  • ALSO KNOWN AS… - Norma Jeane Mortenson was the birth name of which Hollywood star who died August 4,1962?
  • PLANTS - Angiosperms first appeared on Earth 125 million years ago and are plants that do what?
  • COMPANIES, BRANDS AND PRODUCTS - What technology company had a third founder named Ronald Wayne who sold his ten-percent stake for $800 in 1976?
  • WORLD RECORDS - Who set a Guinness World Record in 1996 with 85 costume changes, the most ever for a character in a single film?
  • CONCERTS - The Concert for Bangladesh, put on by George Harrison and released as a triple album in 1978, was put on to raise proceeds for what event?

Round Two

  • SCALES - The Mohs Scale is used by scientists to measure what?
  • MOVIE CHARACTERS - Nino Brown was played by who?
  • SEINFELD - In what season was it first revealed that Kramer's first name is Cosmo?
  • MISSING BAND MEMBERS - What is the only Aerosmith record to not feature guitar by Joe Perry?
  • SPORTS STADIUMS - Jack Murphy Stadium is the former home of what professional football team?
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL TERMS - Coulrophobia which affects 7.8% of Americans, which is directed in Poltergeist, The Brave Little Toaster and Spawn, is the fear of what?

Rate My Question

  • U.S. HISTORY - Once called the State of Deseret by its religious founders, what US state decided on a different name in 1896 when it was admitted to the union? It would eventually use the translation of the word Deseret to inspire the state’s nickname and flag, an insect symbolizing “Industry” (the state’s motto) - submitted by Rumplesnailtksin Steve
  • INVENTIONS - Invented by Emperor Maximilian's personal physician—Samuel Siegfried Karl Ritter von Basch—in the year 1881, a sphygmomanometer is better known as what? - submitted by Evan
  • ALEX TREBEK - On February 4th, 1991, Alex Trebek made broadcast history by becoming the first person to host three game shows at the same time, With Jeopardy!, To Tell The Truth, and what other daytime game show?

Final Questions

  • GEOGRAPHY - The entirety of Sakhalin Island is now part of what country?
  • GEOGRAPHY - What building takes the Manhattan city block between 49th and 50th Streets, and Park & Lexington avenues?
  • U.S. HISTORY - What is the name of the bookseller-turned-soldier who served as George Washington’s Secretary of War?

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