Episode 126

Triple Fruit


November 30th, 2020

2 hrs 57 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Jon Lane of the band Pangolin to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Fruits, Universities, French History, Pro-Wrestling, Inventions, Time’s Man Of The Year, Mnemonic Devices, Ancient Games, Audio-Video Format, Animals, Audio Production, James Bond and more!

Round One

  • UNIVERSITIES - Inventor Thomas Edison, U.S. Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, as well as Senator Barry Goldwater and McDonald’s founder Ray Croc are honorary graduates of what University, founded in 1947 by newspaperman James Franklin Comstock, whose mission was to create an honorary society to recognize people who have made a success of their life without the benefit of higher education?
  • FRENCH HISTORY - Marie Antionette was known to be married to which King Louis, also known as "Louis The Great"?
  • PRO-WRESTLING - Before appearing in WCW and WWF, Sting and The Ultimate Warrior were in a heel tag team, whose name was based off of what 1982 sci-fi film?
  • PRO-WRESTLING - What professional wrestling organization started as a governing body in 1948, run by a board of directors made up of promoters from various territories, that would launch the careers of pro-wrestling legends such as Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair?
  • INVENTIONS - Born in 1791, and with nearly 90 scientific papers published between 1813 and 1868, who invented a difference engine that would be completed in the early 2000's?
  • TIME’S MAN OF THE YEAR - In 1982, Time Magazine named this 'Man of the Year'?

Round Two

  • MNEMONIC DEVICES - ‘Medical Xavier' is a mnemonic for remembering what?
  • FRUITS - Combined, China and India produce half of the world supply of what fruit, whose name derives from the ancient greek Pepon, meaning melon?
  • FRUITS - Which fruit is recognized as the national fruit of Japan?
  • FRUITS - Lulu, Maluma and Pinkerton are all cultivars of what fruit?
  • ANCIENT GAMES - What children's game of ancient origin is sometimes known as snobs, dibs, and knucklebones (referring to the talus bones of sheep that were once popularly used as game pieces)?
  • AUDIO-VIDEO FORMAT - While the Blu-Ray DVD format was supported by Sony, HD-DVD format was supported by what other Japanese corporation?

Final Questions

  • ANIMALS - What animal is considered to be the world's most trafficked mammal?
  • AUDIO PRODUCTION - For the 1996 album Pet Sounds, The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson employed what recording method to allow for additional recording tracks for vocal overdubs?
  • JAMES BOND - Mr. Big is the villain in what James Bond novel and movie?

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