Episode 131

Hot Dog Sandwich


January 4th, 2021

2 hrs 5 mins 49 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Kyle Anne to recap 2020 in trivia and ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Sports Legends, New Year’s Eve, Movie Plot Details, Famous Cities, Record Labels, Popular Drinks, Love Charms, French Language, The Jazz Influence, Famous Couples, The Periodic Table, Engineering Disasters, Historic Tragedies, Unconventional Instruments, Award Winners, Famous Lawsuits, Chemistry, Scientific Expeditions and more!

Round One

  • PRODUCT REBRANDING - What drink was originally known as “Fruit Smack?”
  • SPORTS LEGENDS - What athlete's career was cut short when he died in a high-speed crash at the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix?
  • NEW YEAR’S EVE - The confetti used for the annual New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square is made from what product?
  • MOVIE PLOT DETAILS - What popular children's book did Forrest Gump keep in his briefcase?
  • FAMOUS CITIES - What city has both the largest population and largest economy (by GDP) in the Southern Hemisphere?
  • RECORD LABELS - Which fast food chain, founded in 1955, has been releasing music for over 30 years on their own record label for use in their restaurant?

Missed Corrections

  • Andrew Fiffick wrote in to clarify that bamboo is not a kind of wood.
  • A thank you KnowNote from Mo.

Round Two

  • POPULAR DRINKS - What popular drink is made from berries and has a name that comes from the Arabic word for a type of wine?
  • LOVE CHARMS - Cocklebread was an inferior type of British corn or wheat bread from the 17th century that women would knead with what body part before baking it and giving it to their romantic interests?
  • FRENCH LANGUAGE - If something is ordered a la crecy, with what is it garnished?
  • THE JAZZ INFLUENCE - What setting from a famous 90's television show is named after a legendary jazz composer and pianist?
  • FAMOUS COUPLES - The 1983 Rick James single "Cold Blooded" was written about which child actress, with whom he had a very public and passionate relationship?
  • PERIODIC TABLE - How many chemical elements start with the letter V?

Rate My Question

  • ENGINEERING DISASTERS - Aeroelastic flutter is the main cause of what engineering disaster that occurred on November 7, 1940? - submitted by Proverbial Lightkeeper Matt
  • HISTORIC TRAGEDIES - Prior to the terror attacks on 9/11, what non-natural disaster event marked the largest loss of U.S civilian lives? - submitted by Katie
  • UNCONVENTIONAL INSTRUMENTS - In the 1991 Van Halen song pound cake, Eddie Van Halen used this, a household item in both the introduction and the guitar solo. - submitted by Aaron
  • AWARD WINNERS - What Grammy, Academy Award, and Golden Globe winner, who performed at Lollapalooza in 2007 and rose to prominence in 2008, have such claims to fame as having two songs certified diamond winning Academy Award for best actress wage and having the fastest selling single. digitally with over 1 million in a week This artist moniker comes from a queen song released in 1984. What artist is it? - submitted by Dallas

Final Questions

  • FAMOUS LAWSUITS - In 2006, Panera Bread in Massachusetts filed an unsuccessful lawsuit against which company for opening a location in the same shopping center, arguing that the terms of their lease prevented more than one sandwich shop to exist in the vicinity?
  • CHEMISTRY - What is magnesium sulfate commonly called?
  • FAMOUS COUPLES - What former baseball player was Halle Berry's first husband?
  • SCIENTIFIC EXPEDITIONS - What 1960's U.S. naval program intended to prove the viability of saturation diving?

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