Episode 135

A Gentleman Looks Away


February 1st, 2021

2 hrs 20 mins 22 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Justin Peterson and Erin Sullivan to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including The Middle East, Movie Themes, Literary Deaths, Pre-loaded Music, Memes, World War II, Movie Characters, Human Behavior, Peanuts, Currencies, Comic Strips, U.S. History, Technology, Fashion Designers, Back to the Future, Sports Awards, Touring Records, and more!

Round One

  • THE MIDDLE EAST - In what Middle Eastern city can you visit the St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Al Omari mosque, and the Cilica Museum (among other sites)?
  • MOVIE THEMES - What theme song was written by Monty Norman and first orchestrated by the Jon Barry Orchestra for a 1962 Eon Productions film?
  • LITERARY DEATHS - How did Scarlett and Rhett's daughter die in Gone With The Wind?
  • PRE-LOADED MUSIC - Which band had their music video preloaded onto the CD-ROM for Windows 95?
  • MEMES - A rumored glitch in the video game Civilization caused what famous world leader to be extremely aggressive and to use nuclear weapons creating a popular internet meme?
  • WORLD WAR II - Overseen by the Twenty Committee under the chairmanship of John Cecil Masterman, what MI5 operation saw Nazi agents captured, turned and used against Nazi Germany in disinformation campaigns?


  • KnowNotes from Reddit (FoxenV and Atlas138)

Round Two

  • MOVIE CHARACTERS - Played by actor Danny Trejo, the character Machete (who had his own films in 2010 and 2013) first appeared in what 2001 film that was directed by Robert Rodriguez, as well as its sequels?
  • HUMAN BEHAVIOR - According to Dr. Eileen Taylor, what do adults do 15 times a day that children do up to 400 times a day?
  • PEANUTS - Place these Peanuts characters in order of their first appearance: Franklin, Peppermint Patty, Spike and Marcy.
  • CURRENCIES - The currency of Panama is named for what Pacific explorer?
  • COMIC STRIPS - Created by Cuban American political refugee Antonio Prohias in 1961, what comic strip produced a series of games, toys, animated shorts, and licensing tie-ins (including a series of Mountain Dew commercials in 2004)?

Rate My Question

  • U.S. HISTORY - During what decade did the GPS project begin and launch its first satellites? - submitted by Alex P.
  • TECHNOLOGY - What is the more commonly used name for toxicodendron radicans? - submitted by JeopardyMan

Final Questions

  • FASHION DESIGNERS - What fashion designer famously presented their same work on the same day each year, the fifth day of the fifth month?
  • BACK TO THE FUTURE - What was the name of Marty McFly's band in Back to the Future?
  • SPORTS AWARDS - In what sport could teams compete in the Canada Cup from 1953 until a name change in 1967?
  • TOURING RECORDS - After 260 shows, who ended their 2019 tour setting the record for highest-grossing concert tour of all time ($775,046,937) and highest total attendance for a single tour?

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