Episode 141



March 15th, 2021

2 hrs 7 mins 42 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Anthony and Stevie from the We Have Issues podcast to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Band Logos, Merchandising, Sports Rules, Famous Battles, The Occult, British History, Idioms, Board Games, Animals of Africa, The Lost Boys, Ostriches and more!

Round One

  • BAND LOGOS - What alt-rock band, headed by singer Ed Roland, used a modified Sweeney Todd logo on the cover of its 1993 debut album?
  • MERCHANDISING - Debuting in 1919, which was the first cartoon character to be mass-merchandised?
  • THE LOST BOYS - Within the film The Lost Boys, what word is said the most?
  • OSTRICHES - Over how many feet can a male ostrich reach (on record)?
  • EASTER CANDY - What popular Easter time candy originally took 27 hours to create before being bought by the candy company Just Born in 1953?
  • IG NOBLE PRIZES - The 2004 Ig Noble prize for biology was awarded to a group of scientists for discovering that herrings communicate by doing what?

Missed Corrections/KnowNotes

  • During the Milk teeth suss, I said Deerhunter had a milk record...I was thinking of the band Dearhoof, who has an album titled ‘Milk Man’

Round Two

  • SPORTS RULES - In golf, making a Hole-in-One on a Par Five is known as what?
  • FAMOUS BATTLES - For which battle did Washington famously cross the Delaware River?
  • OSTRICHES- What is the average top speed of an ostrich?
  • THE LOST BOYS - Having impressed the famous composer with his use of music in The Lost Boys, Joel Schumacher was hired to direct what adaptation for that composer?
  • THE OCCULT - Used to pick the site where Rome would be founded, what is the term for the ancient practice of interpreting omens from the behavior of birds?
  • BRITISH HISTORY - Who was the United Kingdom's youngest Prime Minister since 1812?

Rate My Question

  • IDIOMS - In organized crime, informants are symbolized by a kind of song bird?

Final Questions

  • THE LOST BOYS - Despite being about vampires, The Lost Boys was filmed in what city whose name means 'Holy Cross'?
  • OSTRICHES - In MegaMan X2, what is the name of the Ostrich maverick (sharing part of its name with a guitar effects pedal)?
  • BOARD GAMES - Sternhalma is a strategy board game for us to six players of German origin better known by what name?
  • ANIMALS OF AFRICA - Struthio Camelus is the scientific name for what African animal?

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