Episode 146

Burn The Ships Vinyl Edition


April 19th, 2021

2 hrs 19 mins 22 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Tommy Scott of The Electric Mud to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including 80’s Music, 90’s Movies, Cars, Movie Cameos, Islam, Academia, Tragedies, Common Phrases, Celebrity Aliases, Famous Battles, Soda Flavors, NFL Mascots, 2000’s R&B, U.S. Geography, Physics, Fashion, Celebrity Sex Tapes and more!

Round One

  • 80’s MUSIC - The Cure singer Robert Smith can be heard whispering what titular Frank Sinatra lyric during the instrumental break following the second chorus of Lovesong?
  • 90’s MOVIES - What 1995 movie finds a character ordering pizza on the website pizza.net?
  • CARS - Described as "dangerous" from the higher-ups from the automaker, what kind of car was actor Paul Walker riding in during a fiery fatal 2013 accident?
  • MOVIE CAMEOS - In a blink and you'll miss it moment, who was cast as author-turned-political candidate Upton Sinclair in 2020’s Mank for their “reputation for factual presentations”?
  • ISLAM - Ramadan is what number month in the Islamic calendar?
  • ACADEMIA - Established in 1903, the Rhodes scholarship is the oldest graduate scholarship in the world and is a postgraduate award for students to study at what school?

Missed Corrections

  • Tommy’s Pete & Pete theme beef, a call from Aaron, notes on cheating from Manu, and more.

Round Two

  • TRAGEDIES - In what decade did the plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper crash?
  • COMMON PHRASES - What actor, stand-up comedian and former MTV VJ is credited with coining the phrase "booty call"?
  • CELEBRITY ALIASES - After the 2014 Sony email leaks, it was discovered the aliases Johnny Madrid and Harry Lauder were used by which A-list celebrities when booking hotels and making reservations?
  • FAMOUS BATTLES - The Mayaguez Incident was the final battle of which war?
  • SODA FLAVORS - The original Faygo flavors Fruit Punch, Strawberry and Grape were based on Feigenson family recipes of what foodstuff?
  • NFL MASCOTS - Gumbo the Dog is the name of one of two mascots for which NFL team?

Factoid Alert

  • 2000’s R&B - What production duo is said to be responsible for 43% of the songs played on US radio & 20% on British radio?

Final Questions

  • U.S. GEOGRAPHY - St. Paul is the capital of which U.S. state?
  • PHYSICS - Laser, as used in laser beam or laser pointer, is an acronym for what expression?
  • CELEBRITY SEX TAPES - Which member of Motley Crue made a sex tape with Janine Lindemulder?
  • FASHION - What thin cotton fabric used in summer suits takes its name from the Persian words for milk and sugar?

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