Episode 147

A Vulgar Display of Flour


April 26th, 2021

1 hr 58 mins 6 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Kyle Anne to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Mythology, Types of Dance, Fast Food, Disney, Winemaking, Prolific Actors, Rodeo Cowboys, Sports Terminology, Emmy Awards, Grammy Winners, Video Games, 90’s Music, Movies, Metal Heads and more!

Round One

  • MYTHOLOGY - In mythology, Brontes, Steropes and Arges are all known as what?
  • TYPES OF DANCE - What kind of creature performs a figure eight movement called the Waggle Dance?
  • FAST FOOD - As revealed in a viral TokTok video, you can order an entire birthday cake at the drive-thru window of what fast food restaurant?
  • WINEMAKING - What four letter word, beginning for the letter M, is the name of grape juice before or during fermentation in winemaking?
  • PROLIFIC ACTORS - What actor has played the highest number of distinct comic book characters in feature length films?
  • RODEO COWBOYS - Which actor became a tournament winning rider in the rodeo circuit after his public and humiliating break-up with Julia Roberts?

Missed Corrections

  • Kevin wrote in to tell us when HTTPS was developed
  • The origin of the Cleveland Brownie
  • Manu corrects our pronunciation of Iroqouis and some info on Amelia Earhart.

Round Two

  • SPORTS TERMINOLOGY - What is the technical term for the line that the player must stand behind when throwing darts?
  • EMMY AWARDS - Mel Brooks won three Emmy Awards for portraying the character of Uncle Phil as a guest actor on what 90’s sitcom?
  • CONGRESSIONAL AGE GAPS - Who are the oldest and youngest members currently serving in the U.S. Senate?
  • GRAMMY WINNERS - What singer and musician accepted the 2021 Grammy award for Best R&B album of the year, marking their 12th total?
  • VIDEO GAMES - Square, the video game company previously known as Squaresoft, released which horror RPG in 1998 (the first Square game to be rated M for Mature)?
  • 90’s MUSIC - Inspired by a visit to the Soviet Union, what 1991 power ballad holds the record for best-selling single by a German artist?
  • MOVIE RELEASE DATES - Legwarmers quickly became a fashion fad thanks to the film Flashdance which was released in what year?
  • FILMMAKING JARGON - The simultaneous use of purple, pink and blue light, often used in nightclubs as well as studio lighting in film and television, is known as what?

Rate My Question

  • What game was banned in NYC in the early 1940's until 1976, for being classified as a game of chance, because then Mayor LaGuardia argued that games of chance were a form of gambling.
  • What phrase, similar to a word meaning bread, is used when a ship or aircraft encounters an emergency that has no immediate danger to anyone’s life or the vessel itself and is less severe than a mayday call?

Final Questions

  • METAL HEADS - George Fisher, a master of the crane game machine who in his spare time clears out as many of them as he can so he can donate the toys he wins to hospitals and charities, is better known for being the lead singer of which metal band?
  • FICTIONAL CHARACTERS - What famous fictional sailor was featured in animated films in 1935, 1936, 1993 and 2000?
  • DISNEY - Of the thirteen official Disney princesses, which is the only who has violet eyes?

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