Episode 149

Frendsham for my Sham Friends


May 10th, 2021

2 hrs 41 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Dallas (We Do Stuff) and Kyle Anne to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Menu Items, Box Office Records, Technology, German and French Language, Military Operations, Volcanoes, Boy Bands, Periodic Table, Movie Characters, 90’s Music and more!

Round One

  • ALSO KNOWN AS - What popular figure was born Agnese Gonxhe Bojaxhiu?
  • MENU ITEMS - What popular menu item was invented by maître d’ Ignacio Anaya in the early 1940’s at a restaurant called the Victory Club in Piedras Negras, Mexico?
  • BOX OFFICE RECORDS - Grossing over $206 million, what is the highest grossing domestic film of 2020?
  • TECHNOLOGY - A "new unit of time" which is 1/705,600,00th of a second for sound and video editing called a "flick" was developed by what company (a subsidiary of Facebook)?
  • GERMAN LANGUAGE - Frendsham is a German word that describes what vicarious experience?
  • MILITARY OPERATIONS - What is the name of the infamous British deception operation that drew the Axis forces away from Sicily, allowing the Allied forces to invade that shares a name with a holiday dessert?

Missed Corrections

  • Details on Strom Thurmond’s Senate record.
  • The Lion King came out in 1994, not 1993.

Round Two

  • VOLCANOES - Nicknamed “The Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” due to thousands of years of nearly constant eruption, which of three active volcanoes in Italy shares its name with a kind of Italian turnover?
  • FRENCH LANGUAGE - Originally a French portmanteau of the words for shoe and boot, what word means to willfully destroy?
  • BOY BANDS - "I've seen the lightning leave me / I've changed my life completely / My baby just can't her eyes off me" are lyrics of a 1978 song by what band?
  • TECHNOLOGY - In what decade was the first commercially available 3D printer sold?
  • PERIODIC TABLE - The word Plumbus is associated with what chemical element?
  • ACTOR MUSICIANS - What actress and talk show host formed and fronted the metal band Wicked Wisdom with her husband being the executive producer on the band's self-titled album released in 2006?

Final Questions

  • WORLD WAR II TECHNOLOGY - The cavity magnetron was part of what World War II technology whose disinformation propaganda was used to mask its capabilities, leading directly to a common misconception about a vegetable health benefit?
  • MOVIE CHARACTERS - Val McKee is the main character of what horror comedy movie released in the early 90's?
  • 90’s MUSIC - What lead single for 1994’s Reality Bytes became the first ever to hit #1 on the Billboard charts by an artist who wasn't signed to a major label?

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