Episode 153

Midsommar Vacation


June 7th, 2021

1 hr 18 mins 15 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including TV Hosts, Classic Television, Band Names, Canada, Shakespeare, History, Pop Music, Colors, Soccer, State Slogans, Sea Creatures, Football Records, Trains, Fast Food Chains, Theme Parks, Menu Items and more!

Round One

  • TV HOSTS - Leeza Gibbons was the co-host of what show from 1984 to 2000?
  • CLASSIC TELEVISION - Due to a rights dispute, what series of comedic films produced by Hal Roach would later be re-released to theaters and in television syndication as “The Little Rascals”?
  • BAND NAMES - What British band, that peaked in the 1980's was reportedly named after people being shot or hung in World War II?
  • CANADA - Which Canadian city is Alberta’s most-populous city, and is nicknamed Stampede City and Cowtown due to the ten day rodeo event that takes place there annually?
  • SHAKESPEARE - Which of Shakespeare's plays involves a pound of flesh?
  • HISTORY - Who was Japan's prime minister during World War II?

Missed Corrections

  • How to pronounce “D.L. Hughley” by A-A-Ron
  • 152 - Lee and Marc get the details wrong during Skyler's MLK question suss: Charlton Heston was the actor who marched with MLK.

Round Two

  • POP MUSIC - What would we call Bell Biv DeVoe if the R&B group was named after its members first names instead of their last?
  • COLORS - What color gets its name from the Urdu word for "soil-colored"?
  • SOCCER - What style of play, made famous by Ajax and Johan Cruyff, involves every outfield player being able to play any position at any given moment?
  • STATE SLOGANS - What state’s famous slogan came from an anti-littering campaign?
  • SEA CREATURES - The Orca, otherwise known as the killer whale, is the world's largest of what type of sea creature?
  • FOOTBALL RECORDS - In 2021, what NFL all-time scoring leader retired after 24 seasons, playing with only 2 teams?

Rate My Question

  • TRAINS - America's first steam locomotive lost a race against a horse drawn car due to mechanical failure. What was the name of this iconic engine?
  • FAST FOOD CHAINS - Which “All American” fast food franchise, while owned by Yum! Brands from 2002 to 2011, notably served a competing soda product, despite Yum’s lifetime contract with PepsiCo?

Final Questions

  • THEME PARKS - Movie World, Australia's only movie-related theme park is the oldest park worldwide owned by what production company?
  • MENU ITEMS - B.K. Udon is a dish that can be found on Japanese chain Marugame Udon menus in the United States, where B.K. is a substitution for what Japanese word which means “splash”?

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