Episode 16

Nancy Apple Titty Orange


October 15th, 2018

1 hr 4 mins 35 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmaster Marc returns from his adventures in the British Isles with inspired trivia and to answer the questions of Quizmaster Lee in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast! Plus: our first giveaway! Trivia questions in this episode include:

  • Who was known for their coffee drinking in the book Moby Dick?
  • What does "WB" stand for in WB Yeats?
  • Twyla Tharp premiered her ballet Deuce Coupe on February 8th, 1973, tracing the full range of steps to the music of what California music group?
  • In Marvel comics, Cain Marko became what supervillain after reading an inscription on the Gem of Cyttorak?
  • What rennaissance artist suffered a facial disfigurement at the age of 17 after a rival artist punched him in the face out of jealousy and annoyance?
  • In what early 90’s film would you find the character Oda Mae Brown?
  • A “Bogus” was an early nineteenth-century machine used to do what?
  • What condition is also known as Daltonism?
  • Ahuna Mons is a cryovolcano that is a volcano that shoots ice instead of lava and is located on Ceres, which is a dwarf planet located between Mars and what other planet?
  • In The Matrix, what is the name of the last human city?
  • Evander Berry Wall was a wealthy socialite who lived in New York City during the late 19th century. For his refined fashion sense, in the summer of 1883, Evander Berry Wall was dubbed "King of the ________".
  • What is the name of Springfield's baseball team in the Simpsons?
  • King Henry II had a court minstril named Roland, who every Christmas would do a dance that included one jump, one whistle and one what all executed at the same time?
  • What does NATO stand for?

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