Episode 160

Bubble, Bobble, Toil and Trobble


July 26th, 2021

1 hr 30 mins 44 secs

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Kyle Anne to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Technology, Film Criticism, Debut Roles, Prime Time Cartoons, Baked Treats, Cooking, Famous Characters, Basketball, French Language, Rock Formations, Classic Television, Modern Art, Business, Comic Strips, True Crime, World Records and more!

Round One

  • TECHNOLOGY - The home market-oriented 8mm and Super 8 formats were developed by what company?
  • FILM CRITICISM - Named after the comics writer and artist who first defined it, which test checks for if a movie features at least one scene having two female characters talking about something other than a man?
  • DEBUT ROLES - Which actor and comedian worked as a beautician in his sisters salon and was planning to go to cosmetology school to become a makeup artist before landing a role in the off-broadway production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, a role he reprised in the 1975 movie?
  • PRIME TIME CARTOONS - In which fictional city does King of the Hill take place?
  • BAKED TREATS - What greek savory spinach and feta pie is encased with phyllo pastry on the base and top?
  • COOKING - Eye of Newt is an outdated term for what popular ingredient used by alchemist and herbalists of the past and is still used today in modern cooking?

Missed Corrections

  • 159 - Background on the Gros Michel/Cavendish from Adam, and Adam, Elyse and Mike C. wrote in to correct Lee on “perineum” which he called the parabellum.

Round Two

  • FAMOUS CHARACTERS - What famous British protagonist was previously conceived by video game developers Core Design to have South American origins?
  • BASKETBALL - What are the five traditional positions in basketball?
  • FRENCH LANGUAGE - Matelotage is a french term to describe what legal practice during sailors and pirates during the 17th and 18th Century?
  • ROCK FORMATIONS - Uluru, the world's largest monolithic rock formation, can be found on which continent?
  • CLASSIC TELEVISION - What was the last name of Alice, the housekeeper in The Brady Bunch?
  • MODERN ART - The Seiko was a functional art piece created during the Italian modernist movement by three Italian designers in 1968, was featured in museums such as the MoMA and the Guggenheim, but is best known as what popular household object that is still used today?

Rate My Question

  • BUSINESS - Proving he didn't need to kidnap the princess to get ahead, what is the surname of the man who succeeded Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Amié, in 2019? - submitted by Tim Gomez

Final Questions

  • COMIC STRIPS - Which iconic comic strip character has separate and unrelated American and Scottish Versions, despite sharing the name, coincidentally debuting on the same day in March 1951 (the American version of which spawned both live action and animated tv shows as well as several feature films)?
  • TRUE CRIME - Father and son Don and Dan Nichols were dubbed The Mountain Men by news organizations after abducting athlete Kary Swinson who was famous in what then soon-to-be Winter Olympic sport?
  • WORLD RECORDS - Ashrita Furman is best known for holding what prolific record (for which he was first in 1987 and maintains to this day)?

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