Episode 173

Spicy Bean Halloween


October 25th, 2021

1 hr 25 mins 23 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc ask, suss and answer a spooky general knowledge quiz with topics including Halloween, Candy, Cryptids, Horror Movies, Comic Books, Spooky Awards, Fears and more!

Round One

  • PRO WRESTLING - William Moody was a licensed funeral home director better known by what ring name while employed by WWE?
  • HALLOWEEN CANDY - 'Chicken Feed' was the original name for what Halloween time treat?
  • CRYPTIDS - What primal cryptid is sometimes referred to as the Florida Bigfoot?
  • VOCABULARY - Hodmedod, Mermit, Gallybagger and Tattie Bogle are all alternative names for what?
  • DOG BREEDS - What breed of dog is Cujo, the titular antagonist of Stephen King's 1982 novel (as well as it's 1983 film adaptation)?
  • CANDY - How many colors of M&Ms are there in a normal bag?

Missed Corrections/KnowNotes

  • Pho facts
  • Know Nontes from Fade to One, Adam, Myles
  • Manu MC on concave arena roofs
  • Call from Sarah

Round Two

  • HORROR MOVIES - It only took 21 days to film what horror movie classic?
  • VIDEO GAMES - In the first scare of Capcom's 1996 horror survival game Resident Evil, what kind of creature jumps through the window?
  • HALLOWEEN LAWS - In Hollywood, what party favor is illegal on Halloween?
  • COMIC BOOKS - What horror comic book by E.C. Comics was adapted into a 1972 film as well as a television series that aired on HBO from 1989 to 1996?
  • HORROR MOVIES - In what state does the original Nightmare on Elm Street take place?
  • MUSIC - Who is credited with the Halloween classic hit "Monster Mash"?

Rate My Question

  • SPOOKY AWARDS - Every two years, The Society of Professional Obituary Writers honors excellence in obituary writing with what award, named for a famous hooded figure?

Final Questions

  • HALLOWEEN - What is the name of the Celtic festival that observed the transition from the end of harvest to winter and inspired Halloween?
  • FEARS - Astraphobia is the fear of what?

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