Episode 176

She’s Got a Gun to My Nards


November 15th, 2021

1 hr 58 mins 15 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet with Seth, Jamie, Fletcher and Kristin to ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Famous Duos, Best-selling Authors, Animals, Cartoon Characters, Greek Mythology, Cars, World History and more!

Round One

  • THE BIBLE - According to The Bible, on which day of creation did God make the land and seas?
  • CASTLES - Featuring a design of raised earth surrounded by an enclosed courtyard, what is the name for the type of castles which became standard in Europe following the Norman invasion in 1066 and would inspire the name of a logical fallacy?
  • FAMOUS DUOS - Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin are better known by what collective stage name?
  • BEST-SELLING AUTHORS - According to Wikipedia, with an estimated 350 million books sold, what author is responsible for the second bestselling book series of all time?
  • SHARKS - What kind of shark is referred to as the Zambezi shark in Africa?
  • AFRICAN ANIMALS - A hyrax is a small herbivore native to Africa, superficially similar to a marmot or prairie dog, however its closest living relative is this mammal which makes its home on multiple continents?

Round Two

  • CARTOON CHARACTERS - Homer Simpson's middle initial "J" is a reference to which two classic animated characters (who also have the middle initial “J” in honor of their co-creator Jay Ward)?
  • MEDICAL CONDITIONS - Adermatoglyphia is a condition that causes someone to be born without what?
  • GREEK MYTHOLOGY - Stheno and Euryale were the siblings of what mythical Greek creature?
  • CARS - Released in 1964, what is widely considered to be the first muscle car?
  • CELEBRITIES - What actors were kicked out of an orgy because they were determined to stay in their characters in a popular TV show?
  • CARTOON CHARACTERS - Who are the three members of The Chipettes (the Chipmunks female counterparts)?

Final Questions

  • FAMOUS PLACES - What does 'Aurora Borealis' translate to in English?
  • WORLD HISTORY - Clocking in at approximately 5,150 years old, the world's oldest known wooden wheel was discovered in 2002 in what country?
  • COMEDIANS - In The Three Stooges fifty-year career, Larry and Moe were constants; how many people fulfilled the third stooge?
  • OPERA - In Gustav Holst's orchestral suite "The Plants", The Magician is which planet?
  • U.S. GEOGRAPHY - The only active diamond mine in the U.S. The Crater of Diamonds State Park, is located near Murfreesboro in what state?
  • DISNEY - Which two Walt Disney World attractions first premiered in the GE pavilion at the New York World's Fair in 1964?

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