Episode 179



December 7th, 2021

1 hr 33 mins 44 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc welcome Kyle Anne for a general knowledge quiz on Video Games, Movies, Fast Food, Animals, Slogans, Psychology, Toys, World Cup, Geology and more!

Round One

  • VIDEO GAMES - What popular and influential golden age video game was used in a 2018 campaign by Highways England to raise awareness on the dangers of tailgating?
  • 90’s MOVIES - What sin does John Doe address first in the movie Seven?
  • FAST FOOD - Which fast food chain became the first drive-thru restaurant service in the state of California when it opened in 1948?
  • ANIMALS - Snails, slugs and whelks belong to which taxonomic class in the order Mollusca whose name translates from Greek into to "stomach foot"?
  • SLOGANS - "When there's no tomorrow" is the slogan for what company?
  • AWARDS RECORDS - With 11 wins, who broke cinematographer Donald A. Morgan's record as the most awarded black artist in Emmy Awards history at the 2021 Emmy Awards?

Round Two

  • PHOBIAS - Nelophobia is the fear of the fragility of what?
  • PSYCHOLOGY - Factitious disorder, wherein a person feigns illness for no practical reason, is often called by what common name?
  • KINKS - Klismaphilia is the term to describe a type of BDSM fetish play where one is aroused when what procedure is administered to them?
  • AFRICA - Mount Kilimanjaro is located in what African country?
  • 90’s TOYS - What pocket typewriter by Tiger Electronics was marketed towards girls in the 1990's and also featured audio recording and playback?
  • 70’s MOVIES - Jon Wojtowicz was a pansexual man who attempted to rob a bank to pay for his wife Liz's sexual affirmation surgery in 1972 and was the inspiration for which 1975 film starring Al Pacino?

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  • WORLD CUP - The classic black and white Telstar soccer ball was used in the 1970 World Cup to be more easily seen on black and white television. It was made up of 32 interlocking panels of which 2 geometric shapes? Also, which shape is white and which shape is black?

Final Questions

  • PUBLICITY STUNTS - Due to a poorly thought out publicity stunt, what was released into the atmosphere in Cleveland in September of 1986, affecting traffic, the local airport and a local Coast Guard search for two fisherman lost in Lake Eerie (among other things)?
  • MEDICAL DEVICES - What is the name for a slender medical device that is used to look inside a body cavity or organ using an attached light?
  • GEOLOGY - What mineral is listed as a 1 on the Mohs hardness scale, the softest mineral in the world?

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