Episode 182

Go With Your Guts


December 27th, 2021

1 hr 41 mins 36 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc welcome Erik and Bobby for a general knowledge quiz on topics Animals, Sports, Board Games, Astronomy, Language, New Year’s, and more!

Round One

  • ANIMALS - What common variety invertebrate animal has 32 brains, ten stomachs, several hundred teeth and 18 testicles?
  • BIRDS - What kind of North American blackbird features an iridescent head in adults and is referred to as a "plague" when speaking of a group?
  • SHIPPING - What country has the largest postal system in the world, boasting more that 155,000 post offices and five million postal workers?
  • SPORTS - The vast majority and top level of men's decathlons are divided into how many days of competition?
  • FURNITURE - What is the french term for an upholstered sofa that is the shape of a chair but long enough to support the legs (which translates into 'long chair' from its native language)?
  • BABIES - Until the mid-1980's, it was believed that babies could not do what?

Round Two

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN - In type design, what is the term for the space between any two characters?
  • BOARD GAMES - How many weapons are there in the classic game Clue?
  • ASTRONOMY - In order to maintain functionality, the James Webb Telescope's orbit will be further than what solar systems orbit?
  • BEER - The term 'stout' is used interchangeably with what other type of well-hopped dark beer, which was the first to be brewed globally and was named for its early appreciators?
  • MINERALS - What mineral whose name is derived from Greek for 'stone or mineral which strikes fire' is also known as Fool's Gold?
  • VITAMINS - Thiamine is also known as which vitamin?

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  • LANGUAGE - Derived from a Japanese art form, what is the portmanteau to describe an NFL game’s final point combination, that has never before occurred in the league’s history?

Final Questions

  • NEW YEARS - On New Year's Eve in Scotland, who do you kiss at midnight?
  • ANIMALS - How many jointed appendages does a crab have?
  • FILMMAKING TERMS - What is the filmmaking term for character narration, soundtrack or music overlay and sound effects from outside the film-world?

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