Episode 186

The Suss With Us


January 24th, 2022

1 hr 36 mins 32 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Southwest Florida public radio personalities Mike Kiniry and John Davis for a general knowledge quiz on topics including Famous Inventors, Theme Songs, Food Law, Dance, Defunct Airlines, Sports Terms, Character Actors and more!

Round One

  • FAMOUS INVENTORS - Who is known for inventing the electric telegraph?
  • U.S. HISTORY - Which President was the father of the only child of a President to be killed in combat over France on Bastille Day of 1918?
  • THEME SONGS - What popular country rock band that got their start in the early 70's created the theme song to the 1978 BBC Radio Drama Production Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
  • THE BIBLE - In the Bible Old Testament book of Second Kings, when Jezebel is pushed from a window to her death and eaten by dogs, what parts of her body remained when they went to bury her?
  • NICK AT NITE - From 1989 to 1998, what radio personality hosted Nick at Nite's annual New Year's Eve Countdown special (featuring the year’s best episodes determined by viewers)?
  • FOOD LAW - After 72 years, the FDA has finally decided that what dressing no longer needs to be regulated by federal standards?

Round Two

  • ASTRONOMY - The plains on Pluto's surface are composed of more than 98% ice of what element?
  • DANCE - Chubby Checker, Smokey Robinson and the Isley Brothers popularized what 60's dance shares its name with an African tribe also known for its dance traditions?
  • X-MEN - In X2, the X-Men movie, the mutant hero Nightcrawler says that before joining the X-Men, he performed in the circus of what German city which also hosted the 1972 Summer Olympic Games?
  • ENERGY - What isotope, which is extremely rare on Earth (but is extremely abundant on the moon), would be a perfect clean energy source once they figure out nuclear fusion?
  • DEFUNCT AIRLINES - What airline, in operation from 1926 and headquartered in Miami, announced its bankruptcy in January of 1991?
  • CANADA - What is the name of the northernmost, largest and least populous territory of Canada?

Rate My Question

  • SPORTS TERMS - In contact sports such as Rugby or American Football, what is the common name for a pass intended for a teammate who is surrounded by opponents ready for vicious tackles, and may foreshadow where that teammate is going after the play?

Final Questions

  • CHARACTER ACTORS - The actor who played the villain in the classic 80's science fiction film Highlander also voices what character from an extremely popular and long-running cartoon? AMERICAN LITERATURE - The "F." in the name of American novelist, essayist and writer F. Scott Fitzgerald's name is short for what?
  • BLUEGRASS ARTISTS - What musician is known for having revolutionized the dominant banjo-picking style in Bluegrass music (from a five-finger style to three-)?
  • MEDICAL TERMS - Singultus is the medical name for what?

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