Episode 193

Can't Fake the Funk


March 14th, 2022

1 hr 50 mins 28 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet with Skyler for a trivia quiz on topics including Food, Geography, TV, History, Movies and more!

Round One

  • SPORTS - What name of a sport and a beer translates to mean "merry festival" in Basque?
  • GERMAN FOOD - What Bavarian cheese spread is prepared by mixing two-thirds aged soft cheese with one part butter?
  • CANDY - What popular German candy brand traditionally gives away free candy in exchange for chestnuts during the holiday season?
  • GEOGRAPHY - Simplon Pass, in the Alps, connects Switzerland with what other country?
  • DATING SHOWS - Carmen Electra replaced Jenny McCarthy as presenter of what dating show that first ran on MTV from 1995 to 1998?
  • COVER SONGS - On Metallica's 1998 album of covers, Garage Inc., what song is performed with members of Primus, Blues Traveler, Alice in Chains, and Faith No More?

Round Two

  • 2000’s ERA KIDS FOODS - What kids' yogurt smoothie was heavily endorsed by the Sprouse Twins, stars of Disney's The Suite Life with Zack and Cody?
  • ASIAN FOOD - Okonomiyaki in Japan, Jeon in Korea, and Dosa in India are all versions of what breakfast food?
  • MOTHER SAUCES - What common everyday condiment was originally part of the French mother sauces from Hollandaise took its place?
  • WORLD HISTORY - The circular saw, drainage systems, distillation, dentistry, bronze sculpture, and shampoo were all invented by which ancient civilization (that developed where Pakistan and Northwestern India are located today)?
  • MYTHOLOGY - What animal was the Egyptian god Horus often depicted as?
  • FOOD DELIVERY - Pizza Hut delivered the first ever pizza to the White House. What first lady placed that order?

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  • MOVIES - What 1993 movie, starring Hulk Hogan, had a very similar title to a Michael Keaton movie from ten years prior?
  • CULINARY TERMS - The coagulated form of proteins containing trapped impurities that floats on top of a clarified soup is called what?

Final Questions

  • INSECTS - What insect, if bitten by, can cause one to develop an allergy to red meat?
  • MATH - What are the first seven digits of Pi?
  • MOVIE PROPS - Which notorious prop seen in Pulp Fiction was personally owned by director Quentin Tarantino before filming began?

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