Episode 199



April 25th, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 10 secs

Season 1

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet for a trivia quiz on topics including Literature, Food, Geography, Anatomy, Movies, Sports, Philosophy, Mythology, Classic TV and more!

Round One

  • LITERATURE - Don Diego's secret identity, Zorro, is the Spanish word for what animal?
  • FOOD AND BOOKS - What kind of fried sandwich is named for a classic 1844 novel whose title character regularly smokes hashish (a behavior pulled from the novel's author Alexandre Dumas real life)?
  • GEOGRAPHY - Baku, the largest city on the Caspian Sea, and home to a Formula 1 Grand Prix since 2017, is the capital of what country?
  • ANATOMY - Used primarily for hip extension, what is the name of the largest muscle in the human body?
  • 80’s MOVIES - Disorderlies was a 1987 comedy movie starring what rap group?
  • NFL STARS - Which former NFL middle-linebacker, who has an award given in his name annually to top linebackers, would go on to become one of the first celebrities to be featured in a Super Bowl ad, endorsed Prestone antifreeze in the 70's, Miller Lite in the 80's and the Qwik-Cook Grill in the 90's?

Round Two

  • PHILOSOPHY - Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, whose influential writings were titled Meditations after his death, is known for his association with what school of philosophy?
  • MYTHOLOGY - Which Goddess, daughter of Metis and Zeus, sprung from her father's head whilst he was wearing a full suit of armor?
  • ANIMALS - The ancient Aztecs referred to the armadillo as "āyōtōchtli", which is a word that combines "ayotl" and "tochtli", the Nahuatl names for which two creatures?
  • TENNIS - Yvon Petra was the last man to wear what in a Wimbledon final?
  • COLLECTABLES - What is the term amongst collectors for Hot Wheels produced within the first ten years of the brand's history that is named for a cosmetic tire detail unique to the production period?
  • BOXING - In what state is the Boxing Hall of Fame located?

Final Questions

  • LATIN TERMS - What popular term means "bountiful mother" in Latin?
  • CLASSIC TV - What guitar-playing character, created by cartoonist Bob Montana, had their own musical animated TV show for one season from 1968-1969 that was re-aired in eight formats under various titles until 1978, produced six spinoffs television series and a Billboard #1 hit?

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