Episode 201

Quiztanamo Bay


May 10th, 2022

1 hr 33 mins 58 secs

Season 1

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc ask, suss and answer a general knowledge quiz with topics including Video Games, Sports, TV, Food, Movies, Music, Mythology and more!

Round One

  • NINTENDO - Based on a 1986 film of the same name, what 1987 game for the Nintendo Entertainment System was the best-selling video game based on a movie that was released for the console?
  • TYPES OF FUEL - What fuel, deriving its name for the greek word for wax, is used most often in aviation?
  • SPORTS TV - Launched in 1999, which American sports league was the first to have its own television network?
  • OLYMPIC ATHLETES - What three-time Olympic gold medalist has the long-standing nickname The Flying Tomato?
  • GAME SHOWS - What quiz show that aired on Fox in 2002 was cancelled after just three episodes after facing criticism for torturing contestants with incredibly hot or sub-zero temperature changes, shaking chairs, oxygen depletion and air cannons?
  • PORTMANTEAUS - What popular portmanteau had its first use listed as a Uractive blog post by Peter Wilding on May 15 2012 in the Oxford English Dictionary?

Round Two

  • HEALTH CARE - What does MRI stand for?
  • ITALIAN CUISINE - Ribollita is an Italian soup of Tuscan origin that is thought to have come from the medieval peasant class and is often thickened with what prepared food?
  • CARS - What car, manufactured from 1978 to 2002 was named after its experimental use of the Wankel Rotary engine?
  • MEL BROOKS FILMS - When Things Were Rotten was a 1975 TV series created by Mel Brooks that would later serve as inspiration for what 1993 film by the director?
  • CURRENT EVENTS - Viktor Orban, recently won a fourth term as Prime Minister of what country? Bir Tawil, a 795-square mile patch of unclaimed land in Africa is located between Egypt and which other country that has the most pyramids in the world?

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  • MYTHOLOGY - In the epic poem Dante’s Inferno, what mythological creature guards the gluttonous in the third circle of hell; mauling and flaying their freezing bodies with its claws as they howl like dogs.

Final Questions

  • 80’s MUSIC - Matching only the Beatles in a similar achievement, which British pop artist holds the record as the only solo artist in Billboard history to have two year-end Hot 100 number one singles (in 1985 and 1988)?
  • THE TITANIC - What was the name of the Titanic's sister ship?

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