Episode 207

Back That Aft Up


June 21st, 2022

2 hrs 11 mins 15 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc are joined by Justin and Erin for a general knowledge trivia quiz with topics including Literature, Famous Characters, Video Games, Fears, Fruit Salad, Murder Mysteries, Baseball Teams and more!

Round One

  • LITERATURE - How many circles of hell are depicted in Dante's Inferno?
  • UK - The Commonwealth of Nations recently celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II, which denotes how many years of being queen?
  • FAMOUS CHARACTERS - Mattel has introduced five little sisters for their superstar toy Barbie. What was the name of Barbie's first little sister (introduced in 1964)?
  • FIELDS OF STUDY - Zythology is the study of what?
  • FRUIT SALAD - What kind of fruit salad often contains fresh pineapple, canned mandarin orange slices, miniature marshmallows, coconut and is named after a food of the Greek Gods?
  • AID ORGANIZATIONS - What agency of the United Nations started in 1946 and is responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide?

Round Two

  • FEARS - Dromophobia and agyrophobia are the fears of doing what?
  • VIDEO GAME ADAPTATIONS - What 2000 Adam Sandler film was the first of the actor's movies to have its own video game (that was exclusive to the GameBoy color)?
  • MOVIE TITLES - Spaceman from Pluto was the original title for this 1980's sci-fi film?
  • THE MUPPETS - What is the name of the band on The Muppet Show?
  • MEDICAL DISORDERS - Mal de Mer is the French term for which ailment!
  • MURDER MYSTERIES - In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which character, that shares a name with a fictional brand, is murdered after Eddie secretly photographs them playing patty-cake with Jessica Rabbit?

Rate My Question

  • PRIDE - On what New York City street is the Stonewall Inn located?

Final Questions

  • 20th CENTURY HISTORY - What philanthropic institution was founded by socialite Juliette Gordon Lowe in 1912?
  • BASEBALL TEAMS - The Colt 45's were an expansion team in 1962 along with the New York Mets. Three years later, after moving into their new ballpark dubbed the eighth wonder of the world, changed their name to what?
  • DRUMS - Which drum has its origin in Sri Lanka and was developed into the modern drum kit by jazz drummer Gene Krupa?
  • TECHNOLOGY - What is an Aldis lamp used for?

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