Episode 210

Glizzy Guzzler


July 11th, 2022

1 hr 21 mins 17 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet for a trivia quiz with topics including History, Television, Cocktails, Etymology, Musical Instruments Cosmetics, Snack Origins and more!

Round One

  • STRANGER THINGS - On Stranger Things, members of the Hellfire Club meet regularly to participate in what activity?
  • COCKTAILS - What spirit is used to make a Harvey Wallbanger?
  • LITERATURE - What is the name of the lost love mentioned repeatedly in Edgar Allen Poe's classic poem The Raven?
  • TELEVISION - "Whine Club" and "The Last Time I Saw Meris" are episodes of what TV show?
  • OLD MAN STUFF - The word 'ham' in ham radio is short for what (with regards to its practitioners' skills)?
  • ETYMOLOGY - What term, meaning "mate" or "colleague" derives from the Spanish or Portuguese word meaning "chamber mate"?

Round Two

  • MAGICIANS - What magician is known for his TV and stage show titled Mindfreak?
  • MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - What is the term for a flute that is not shaped like a tube whose modern incarnation was first developed in Italy in the mid-19th century?
  • COSMETICS - Which cosmetics company was originally named the California Perfume Co.?
  • SNACK ORIGINS - In 2018, Nabisco redesigned its packaging for what product based on public criticism spearheaded by PETA?
  • CAMEOS - Which actor, whose won four Golden Globes and two Academy Awards (one for acting and one for producing) is the voice of Stan's gay dog Sparky on the television series South Park?
  • U.S. NAVAL BATTLES - What European country was the U.S.'s ally during the First Barbary War?

Rate My Question

  • POP MUSIC - Released in 2019, what song holds the world record for Longest Charting Song on the Billboard Hot 100 at 90 weeks?
  • 90’s MUSIC - What female 90s musician is said to be the inspiration for the Smashing Pumpkins song "Bodies"?

Final Questions

  • LEGO - In 1965, what type of vehicle was the first to be released by LEGO?
  • GLOBAL POLITICS - In 1960, which country whose name means "resplendent island," had the first ever woman Prime Minister?

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