Episode 211

Phil Harmonic


July 21st, 2022

1 hr 50 mins 45 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet with Adam and Holly from Death Stars are the Best Stars for a trivia quiz with topics including Infamous Trading Cards, MCU Actors, Disney Snacks, Fairy Tales, Dog Breeds, Chemistry, Ancient Greece, Famous Collections and more!

Round One

  • INFAMOUS TRADING CARDS - What NBA player-turned-coach has the distinction of having a trading card featuring the Menendez Brothers in the background sitting courtside?
  • MUSCLE CARS - What car/truck hybrid's modern incarnation debuted in 1964 from Chevrolet and whose name means "The Road" when translated into English?
  • MCU ACTORS - In the 2013 film Rush, based on the 1976 Formula 1 rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, what two Marvel Cinematic Universe actors portrayed the two main characters?
  • DISNEY SNACKS - Which snack food was invented in Disneyland?
  • GRIMM’S FAIRY TALES - What Grimm's fairy tale titular character is named for a vegetable craved by her pregnant mother?
  • NEW JERSEY & THE SOPRANOS - On The Sopranos, Christopher and Paulie get lost in what real-life protected wilderness area in Southern New Jersey?

Round Two

  • DOG BREEDS - What kind of large, muscular dog was bred as a working dog for fisherman in Canada, is named for the region from which it comes, and inspired the character of Nana in J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan?
  • CHEMISTRY - At 3,852 Kelvin, which element has the highest melting point? In Elton John's memoir, which came out in October 2019, it is revealed that he has a closetful of what item (which he never uses)?
  • NFL - Fred Dryer, the star of the 80's crime drama hunter was an NFL Defensive Lineman and was the only player to ever do what twice in one game?
  • ANCIENT GREECE - What classical Greek engineer known for developing the screw and the compound pulley system once built a heat ray to burn ships attacking his home island of Syracuse?
  • FAMOUS CHARACTERS - McBricker is the maiden name of a character on what famous cartoon series?

Rate My Question

  • VOCABULARY - If something that happens during the night is nocturnal, what is the term used for something that happens during the day?

Final Questions

  • COLLECTIONS - The Royal Philatelic collection owned by the British Royal Family, estimated to value around 100m pounds in 2020, is a collection of what?
  • END CREDIT SINGERS - Which Grammy Award-winning artist sings the song during the ending credits of A Land Before Time?
  • WORLD WAR II - More than half of the dead in World War II are accounted for by people from Russia and what other country?
  • BIRDS - In 1851, the London Zoo became the first to keep what nocturnal chicken-sized bird that is known for its hair-like feathers, short legs, and nostrils at the tip of its beak (as opposed to near the base, like other birds)?

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