Episode 212

Croakus Pokus


July 26th, 2022

1 hr 55 mins 56 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet with Ryan Mawson for a trivia quiz with topics including Television, Candy, Geography, Art History, 90’s Video Games, Ancient Greece, Famous Racehorses, Disney Songs and more!

Round One

  • CANDY - Which brand of candy's name is based on the German word for peppermint?
  • AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE - What two letters in American Sign Language require movement?
  • BREAKING BAD - In the show Breaking Bad, the company Grey Matter was a combination of Walter White and what other name?
  • FAMOUS INVENTIONS - In first-century Greece, Hero of Alexandria invented the first coin-operated vending machine, which would dispense what?
  • GEOGRAPHY - Which sovereign state is the second-smallest in the world (behind Vatican City) and also touts the shortest coastline?
  • ART HISTORY - Author of 1967's Scum Manifesto, which feminist shot and nearly-killed Andy Warhol?

Round Two

  • GREEK MYTHOLOGY - Which tragic and complex figure of Greek mythology became the King of Thebes after solving the Sphinx's riddle of "What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon and three in the evening?"
  • 90’S VIDEO GAMES - In 1992, who became the only Simpsons character other than Bart to have their own video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System?
  • CHEMISTRY - Haim Wiseman, a Zionist leader and the first president of Israel, developed a bacterial fermentation to develop what chemical which later helped the British make ammunition during World War I, giving them the leg up?
  • HISTORICAL FIGURES - What famous Venetian adventurer and womanizer was, according to his memoirs, imprisoned as a magician, a director of the Paris state lotteries, knighted in the Netherlands, a spy for Louis XV, and a librarian in Bohemia?
  • FAMOUS RACEHORSES - What racehorse won 20 of 21 races in its career, was honored in 1920 alongside Babe Ruth as outstanding athlete of the year by the New York Times and would inspire the name of a heavy metal band in the 1980's (who themselves have broken the Guiness World Record for loudest performance three times)?
  • TV OPENING CREDITS - What aggressive animal is heavily featured in the opening credits of the hit TV show Northern Exposure?

Rate My Question

  • TV CHARACTER NAMES - Though spelled differently, what first and last name are shared by a white teenage midwestern stoner from a 1990s FOX sitcom and a brilliant black neurologist on a late 2000s FOX drama?

Final Questions

  • FAMOUS ACTORS - Name three actors that connect the TV shows Community and Breaking Bad.
  • DISNEY SONGS - Released in 1992, what was the first Disney song to ever win the Grammy award for "Song of the Year"?
  • OLYMPICS - Cassius Clay, later Muhammad Ali, won the Light Heavyweight Boxing Gold Medal at the Rome olympics in what year?

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