Episode 216

Atlas Shrugged II: Still Shruggin'


August 21st, 2022

1 hr 58 mins 51 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc welcome Blake for a trivia quiz with topics including Food, Lawsuits, U.S. History, Sports, Movies, Music, Reptiles, Astronomy, Geography, Yoga and more!

Round One

  • YOGA - In yoga, what is the name for the cross-legged sitting meditation pose?
  • FOOD - From which seeds is tahini made?
  • FAMOUS LAWSUITS - In 2002, a court judge ruled "the parties are advised to chill" after a band and a toy company became litigious over what trademarked brand?
  • U.S. PRESIDENTS - Who is the only U.S. President in history to serve two non-consecutive terms?
  • THE SUPER BOWL - What number Super Bowl took place earlier this year on February 13th, 2022?
  • MOVIE SEQUELS - With 54 years between the original release in 1964 and the sequel release in 2018, what movie holds the record for the longest gap between the original and the sequel?

Round Two

  • POP MUSIC - The song "I Drink Wine" by what famous mononymic singer was reduced from fifteen minutes to six at the request of her label amid concerns that it would get no airplay at its original length?
  • REPTILES - The first reptile ever captured by naturalist Steve Irwin (at the age of four) was what kind of snake that is the second-most venomous in the world and is named for its color?
  • WIKIPEDIA - At 55,803, the list of what holds the record as the most edited Wikipedia article?
  • ASTRONOMY - What is the fourth largest planet in our Solar System?
  • FORMULA 1 - In 2021, Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel left Ferrari to race for what other Formula 1 auto manufacturer?
  • ECOLOGY - Which country holds the record for most free-roaming cheetahs?

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  • OBSCURE SPORTS - Calcio Storico, a Renaissance era sport combining soccer, rugby, and boxing, is played annually between the 4 neighborhoods of which major Italian city?

Final Questions

  • POP MUSIC - What is the name of Jimmy Buffett's band?
  • INDIE MUSIC - Exactly one week before the 9/11 attacks, which band released an album on September 4th, 2001, that had a cover depicting a plane with burning people below it and the text "this plane will crash tomorrow" in the liner notes?
  • ROLLER DERBY - Which player on a roller derby team scores points and wears a star on their helmet?
  • GEOGRAPHY - Named after the Scottish Gaelic words meaning to break or smash bone, what is the capital of Queensland, Australia?

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