Episode 219

Meatish Swedeballs


September 18th, 2022

1 hr 31 mins 34 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet for a trivia quiz with topics including Sports, Astronomy, Music, Cocktails, Anime, Anatomy and more!

Round One

  • AUTHORS - What famous author, who appeared in Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, was stabbed recently during a lecture?
  • SPORTS TEAMS - Referencing its flag, in which city do all the major sports teams (NHL, NFL, MLB) have the same team colors?
  • ASTRONOMY - Mariner 4 sent the first pictures of which planet back to Earth?
  • ANIME - The Cowboy Bebop anime and live action series both feature a soundtrack by what jazz band that is named after a type of safety device?
  • MEDICAL - ‘Marsh fever' is a term for which ailment?
  • 90’s MUSIC - Which ballad from The Spice Girls 1996 debut album Spice was included on the 25th anniversary edition of the album as the single version and not the original album version, featuring altered lyrics and a different arrangement of vocals?

Round Two

  • PHARMACY - In prescription writing, what is "aq." an abbreviation for?
  • COCKTAILS - A Dark & Stormy is a highball cocktail made with dark rum and what drink?
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - What social media network launched in 2002 and was one of the first social media platforms to have over a million registered users?
  • U.S. PRESIDENTS - Which president, the 19th, was married to Lucy, the first First Lady to have a college degree?
  • ANATOMY - The knee, shoulder and elbow are all categorized as what type of joint that is named after the membrane that secretes a fluid to allow for such movements?
  • GEOGRAPHY - What is the capital of Canada?

Final Questions

  • MUSIC - Which band who wrote the song "You Sexy Thing" was one of only three acts to have a hit in every year in the 1970's on the UK charts (along with Elvis Presley and Diana Ross)?
  • CANADIAN SPORTS - The rusty gate is an advanced check in which of Canada’s two national sports?

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