Episode 226



November 18th, 2022

1 hr 43 mins 46 secs

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We meet with Dallas and Kyle Anne for a trivia quiz with topics including Geography, Billboard Hot 100, Movies, TV, Animals, Baseball, Vocabulary and more!

Round One

  • GEOGRAPHY - Which country is closest to the South Pole?
  • BILLBOARD HOT 100 - Supporting their 2022 album Midnights, which music artist became the first to occupy all top 10 spots on the Billboard Hot 100?
  • 2000’s TV - Airing in May of 2004, what series finale was the most watched episode of any series in the 2000's clocking in at over 52 million watchers?
  • GEOGRAPHY - Which famous city plaza's name loosely translates to "The Gate of Heavenly Peace"?
  • STAR WARS - In Latin America, which character from the Star Wars franchise is known popularly as “Little Arthur” (when translated from Spanish)?
  • MARVEL - What Marvel villain has also been known by the names Iron Lad, Rhammatut and Nathaniel Richards and he who remains?

Round Two

  • GEOGRAPHY - Which city in Ontario is nicknamed "the Automotive Capital of Canada" and, due to its geography, was almost named “South Detroit”?
  • BASEBALL - What major league pitcher who ended his career with the rangers holds 51 records including most no-hitters and most strikeouts?
  • 90’s MUSIC - The song "Macarena" by Los del Rios was remixed by what Miami-based producers (causing it to become an international hit)?
  • MARINE MAMMALS - What marine mammal is the heaviest member of the mustelidae family and has been known to use rocks and tools to dislodge prey?
  • LONG-RUNNING TV - What animated show, on the air for 25 seasons, took place in the fictional Elwood City?
  • 70’s MOVIES - In 1979 Steve Martin played Navin Johnson in his first starring role and what feature film?

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  • NOTORIOUS FIGURES - What instrument did notorious mobster Al Capone play in Alcatraz Penitentiary Rock Islanders prison band (also played by Steve Martin)?

Final Questions

  • U.S. HISTORY - Food assistance programs, deals with fast food restaurants, and one of the most iconic consumption campaigns were all created in an attempt to get rid of 1.4 billion pounds in surplus of what food item stored in a cave in Missouri?
  • VOCABULARY - What word has these two definitions: one, "giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen and definition two," "of on or toward the left hand side"?
  • SANDWICHES - A sandwich of egg foo young, lettuce, mayo, pickles, and white onion on white bread is a local favorite for which midwestern U.S. city?

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