Episode 230

The Dusty Files


December 16th, 2022

58 mins 44 secs

Season 1

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet for a trivia quiz with topics including Canadian Football, 00’s Reality TV, Ancient Greece, 90’s Movies, Animals, Art, Star Trek, Judaism, Medical and more!

Round One

  • CANADIAN FOOTBALL - In Canadian football, the Argonauts defeated the Blue Bombers to win the Grey Cup. In what city, the largest in Manitoba, do the Blue Bombers call home?
  • 2000’s REALITY TV - Which Playboy Playmate had her own E! series in 2004 following the court battle over her dead elderly billionaire husband's money, her son, lawyer, assistant and her dog Sugar Pie?
  • ANCIENT GREECE - What name for a temple derives from the Ancient Greek meaning "to all Gods"?
  • 90’s MOVIES - What 1993 movie stars Arnold Schwarzenegger whose character contains a dead mobster fart bomb by dropping the corpse in a tar pit?
  • ARTIFACTS - In what European city would you find the Book of Kells?
  • SNAKES - Only to be found naturally in South Asia, what is the longest venomous snake in the world (on average) and whose diet primarily consists of lesser snakes?

Round Two

  • ART MOVEMENTS - What French architecture and design movement flourished in the U.S. and across Europe in the 1920's and 1930's?
  • GREETINGS - The hongi, which is performed by two people pressing their noses together, is a traditional greeting by what indigenous people?
  • STAR TREK - In 2013's Star Trek: Into Darkness, which Star Trek main character is killed by the villainous Khan?
  • MEDICAL - Where is the axillary temperature taken?
  • JUDAISM - Seeking to explore mystical aspects of The Torah, the Zohar is the foundational text of which philosophy in Judaism?
  • ANTHROPOLOGY - What word for a small human development comes from the diminutive for an old French word that means "little development"?

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  • MEDICAL - Sometimes referred to as "medical worry beads" or "the endocrine rosary"; the orchidometer is a medical instrument used to measure the volume of what?

Final Questions

  • CAR COMPANIES - What car company was named for the founder of Detroit, Michigan?
  • ANIMALS - In order to ensure maximum nutrition from their food, rabbits utilize a special part of their stomach to digest what part of their regular diet?

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