Episode 234

Drey Day


January 20th, 2023

2 hrs 10 mins 58 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet with Logan and Adam for a trivia quiz with topics including Literature, Biology, Technology, Movies, Comic Books, Plants, Japanese Folklore, LGBTQ+ History and more!


  • PHYSICISTS - The composite compact lens used in lighthouses is named after which French physicist who developed it?
  • BOY BANDS - What influential boy band was formed by Bobby Brown in 1978 and had a name was intended to reference the Jackson 5?
  • CLASSIC TELEVISION - On The Three Stooges, what is Curly's characteristic laugh that became a catchphrase?

Round One

  • LITERATURE - Meaning "home ruler", what is the first name of Dr. Jekyll?
  • BIOLOGY - What is the biological term for the mixture of water and salts that surround the nucleus of a cell?
  • TECHNOLOGY - What was the name for a set of chains attached to a woman's belt often holding items like a pair of scissors thimble or compact mirror?
  • LGBTQ+ HISTORY - Occurring 3 years before the famous Stonewall Riots in New York, the 1966 Compton Cafeteria Riots was a turning point in trans activism. In what city did these riots take place?
  • MOVIES - What film and television production company was named as such by Rob Reiner who took it from the setting of several stories by Stephen King?
  • COMIC BOOKS - Which Marvel superhero team was the subject of Stephen King's first foray into writing for comic books, penning a short story in an anthology book whose profits went towards famine relief in Africa?

Round Two

  • TAYLOR SWIFT - The title of Taylor Swift's 2022 hit song "Lavender Haze" was inspired by an expression the singer heard while watching what TV drama series that debuted in 2007?
  • ANIMALS - A 'drey' is the name of a nest for what rodent?
  • GOLDEN GIRLS - Which actress on The Golden Girls served in the U.S. Marine Corps Women's Reserve in World War II?
  • RELIGION - Although not named in The Bible itself, the Three Magi are canonized saints; what are at least two of their names?
  • POISONOUS PLANTS - Known to botanists as nerium, what is the common name for a plant so poisonous that its toxins can be transferred to honey by bees who have visited its beautiful flowers?
  • BASKETBALL - In basketball, what position acts as playmaker, retains position of the ball and runs the team's offense?

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  • MOVIE STUDIOS - Appearing for only a brief moment, the words "get off me" appear in what movie studio's title sequence?

Final Questions

  • JAPANESE FOLKLORE - The Shirume from Japanese folklore is known for having an eye on what unusual location?
  • LGBTQ+ HISTORY - Which U.S. president who had one relationship with a woman and three relationship with men is believed by many historians to have been the second queer president?
  • INFAMOUS FIGURES - Thomas Noguchi, who was fired by the city of Los Angeles for reportedly celebrating and dancing over the news that Robert F. Kennedy was shot, famously held which position for the city?
  • U.S. PRESIDENTS - What three presidents have attended military academies?

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