Episode 235

Got Gushy


January 31st, 2023

1 hr 44 mins 33 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet for a trivia quiz with topics including Band Names, Advertising, TV Shows, U.S. History, Fast Food Chains, Religion, Geography, Gemstones and more!

Round One

  • BAND NAMES - What music duo, active from 1993-2021, got their name from a review of its members previous group?
  • ADVERTISING - Widely recognized by many as the first popular filtered cigarette Kent famous micronite filter was originally made from what material promising the "greatest health protection in history"?
  • TRANSFORMERS - The final role of which legendary actor and filmmaker was as which planet-sized Transformers character that debuted in the 1986 animated film?
  • SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - On Saturday Night Live, the Coneheads claim to be from what country (as a cover for their real home planet remulak)?
  • U.S. HISTORY - In 1660, Mary Dyer was one of four individuals executed in Boston for practicing which religion (whose formal name would later become the "Religious Society of Friends")?
  • FAST FOOD CHAINS - What fast food chain is known as hungry Jack's in Australia due to a trademark dispute?

Round Two

  • RELIGION - Located between Syria and Israel what is the most spiritually diverse country in the Middle East recognizing 18 different sects?
  • CITIES IN EUROPE - Canals, cobbled streets and medieval buildings are distinguishing characteristics for which European city that is the capital of West Flanders in northwest Belgium?
  • AGRICULTURE - What is the primary component of the hard exoskeletons of animals such as crabs and lobsters that is used in the formation of edible films and as an additive to thicken and stabilize foods and food emulsions?
  • GEMSTONES - Which green birthstone of August was known as 'topazion' by ancient greeks and is known to form in molten rock?
  • SCIENCE - A pycnometer is used to learn what characteristic of a liquid?
  • BIBLE QUOTES - “Let beer be for those who are perishing, wine for those who are in anguish!” is a quote from the 31st and final chapter of which book of The Old Testament?

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  • TV SHOWS - What is the name of a 2011 movie and a 2015 TV show (that only had one season) that both center around the Mind enhancing drug?
  • VOCABULARY - What is the only word in the English language to have every vowel in alphabetical order (and if you do the adverb forms, sometimes Y)?

Final Questions

  • HOCKEY - Which NHL team began as the Quebec Nordiques before relocating to the U.S. and being the first professional sports team to bring a championship to their city (defeating the Florida Panthers in the 1996 Stanley Cup final)?
  • CHEMISTRY - Used in everything from tree stump removal and fireworks to meat processing and fertilizer potassium nitrate kno3 is also known by what name?

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