Episode 239



March 5th, 2023

56 mins 55 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet for a trivia quiz with topics including Celebrities, Football, Animals, Nuclear Power, Video Games, Television, French Language and more!

Round One

  • CELEBRITIES - Michelle Robinson is the maiden name of which famous Michelle (born in 1964)?
  • FOOTBALL - Until the early 80's, former NFL running back Ed Smith was unaware that he was the model for the figure atop which prestigious football award?
  • FOOTBALL - Tom Brady's retirement marks the last professional athlete drafted by what now-defunct Major League Baseball team?
  • SHARKS - Besides the aptly-named 'River Shark' what other kind of shark can survive outside of a salt-water ecosystem and is known for its aggressive nature?
  • FIELDS OF STUDY - Ichthyology is the study of what kind of animal?
  • TELEVISION CHARACTERS - In nuclear power, what is the term for an atomic form of an element having a particular number of neutrons (and therefore its own unique mass)?

Round Two

  • INSECTS - Second only to the froghopper insect in its achievement, what kind of wingless, common insect can leap up to 50 times its body length?
  • VIDEO GAMES - What video game company was named after a word used in the ancient board game go (which means to hit a target in Japanese)?
  • TRAFFIC - What kind of device lends its name to a time-saving technique recommended by traffic experts for safely merging?
  • TELEVISION CHARACTERS - Fittingly meaning "one who honors God," what is Reverend Lovejoy's first name in The Simpsons?
  • WORLD HISTORY - Which global conflict began in 1756 primarily between Great Britain and France and was fought in Europe, The Americas and the South Pacific (before concluding in 1763)?
  • FRENCH LANGUAGE - The dish 'Cordon Bleu' translates to what from French to English?

Final Questions

  • PHARMACY - Loperamide is a medicine that is used to treat which condition?
  • PHILOSOPHY - Known for his dystopia and utopian fiction, which British author wrote about his mind-opening experiences with mescaline in 1954's The Doors of Perception (the book from which the psychedelic rock band The Doors took their name)?

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