Episode 24

Huey Lewis's Choad


December 10th, 2018

1 hr 20 mins 48 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee & Marc analyze a homebrew scoring system adopted by listener and fellow Quizmaster Christopher, AKA The Guy Who Knows Everything in Portland, OR.


  • In what cue sport would a player try to pocket 15 red and 6 colored balls in a set order?
  • What nationality is country singer Keith Urban?
  • How many kings sat on the british throne in 1936?
  • What pop singer got a push into fame by being sampled on the chorus of the Eminem song Stan?
  • Who played piano for Bob Dylan to help him rehearse his part in 1985's We Are The World Charity Single?
  • According to the Environmental Working Group, what fruit ranks highest in pesticide residue levels?
  • What is the carambola fruit more commonly referred to as?
  • What 2009 Sci-fi action film was produced under the working title Corporate Headquarters?
  • The Huey Lewis and the News song "Power Of Love" was written for what blockbuster film?
  • What double-named band (i.e. the name is the same word twice) debuted in 2012 with a self-titled album, just seven months before a western revenge movie sharing half of their name debuted in theaters?
  • What does mass multiplied by velocity give you?
  • How many years did it take for the bubonic plague to wipe out half of Europe?
  • The site Wikipedia began life as a complementary encyclopedia project to what website?
  • What singer first appeared with the Hoboken Four?

Missed Corrections

  • Jayne points out that we mispelled Jayne Mansfield's name in the show notes, as well as mispronounced Mariska Hargitay's name.
  • Kristin adds that scenes of the movie Manhunter (1986) were shot in Captiva, FL at artist Bob Rauschenberg's house.

Rate My Question

  • What was the original name of the baseball team now called the New York Yankees when they played their first season in 1901?" - Christopher AKA The Guy Who Knows Everything, Portland OR