Episode 242

The Backgammon Song


March 24th, 2023

1 hr 26 mins 21 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet for a trivia quiz with topics including Pop Culture, Food, World History, Geometry, Baking Terms, F1 Racing, Aviation, Literature and more!

Round One

  • PIZZA - According to mobile pizza ordering app Slice, what ingredient saw the largest increase in orders by users in 2022 (up 8.9% from 2021)?
  • GEOMETRY - How many degrees is each angle in an equilateral triangle?
  • POP CULTURE - Which pop culture icons 1969 funeral saw over 20,000 mourners in attendance?
  • MOVIES - Sharing a name with a first lady, what was the nickname of the Ford Mustang featured in the 1974 film Gone In Sixty Seconds?
  • BAKING TERMS - What is the baking term for when (due to an over-mixed or over-risen dough or batter) a large air gap is produced between the crust and crumb of a baked good?
  • FORMULA 1 - The first F1 race this season took place in what island country in Western Asia and is comprised of a small archipelago of 50 natural islands and an additional 33 artificial islands?

Round Two

  • VOCABULARY - If something is coriaceous, it resembles or has the texture of what material?
  • WORLD HISTORY - Supported by 172 countries, in which decade did the United Nations first propose promoting a temporary stoppage of war on a planetary scale (called a "global ceasefire")?
  • BOARD GAMES - How many triangles are on a backgammon board?
  • POP CULTURE - In 2007, Nicolas Cage bought a house in Rhode Island during a stop on his quest for locating what treasure?
  • AVIATION - U.S. Aviator Lawrence Burst Sperry who passed away in 1923 has attracted suggestions of being the founder of the mile high club due to his invention of what flight aid?
  • FARMING - Popular in both industrial and domestic settings, what is the term for the activity of rearing worms to be used in composting?

Rate My Question

  • BEER - While at University in 1954, former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, set a Guinness World Record for drinking what imperial measurement of beer in 11 seconds?

Final Questions

  • TECHNOLOGY - "The White Dot" is a technological phenomenon in televisions manufactured from 1940's-70's which displays a lingering dot on the screen for up to a minute and is caused by the discharge of what technological component?
  • LITERATURE - What same three words are in the titles of biographical books about Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Ben Hogan, Benjamin Franklin, Condoleezza Rice and Dr. Spock?

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