Episode 247

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May 23rd, 2023

1 hr 50 mins 59 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet with Skyler for a trivia quiz with topics including Auto History, Food Network, Cult Movies, Restaurants, Baking, Whiskey, Gaming History, U.S. Geography, Psychology, Pop Music and more!

Round One

  • AUTO HISTORY - What European country was the first to introduce license plates?
  • FOOD NETWORK - Which Food Network personality hosts a game show where chef contestants face obstacles in collecting their ingredients for a judged competition?
  • CULT MOVIES - What iconic cult favorite film released in 1975 was originally titled They Came from Denton High?
  • RESTAURANTS - "You're in for a nice surprise", "oh, that looks good" and "where ice cream makes the meal" are some of the slogans for what restaurant chain on the East Coast of the US (founded in 1935)?
  • BAKING - What is the term for when a dough is allowed to rest and rise a final time before baking?
  • WHISKEY - The Lincoln County Process refers to what special step in the making of almost all Tennessee whiskey?

Round Two

  • JIMMY NEUTRON - On Jimmy Neutron, which of Jimmy's friends got their own spin-off series (and has a first and last name that references a famous family of actors)?
  • FAST FOOD - What marketing campaign by Taco Bell debuted in 2006, targeted a younger demographic and was focused on featuring the brand's late-night menu?
  • RESTAURANTS - Founded in 1993, what restaurant chain's name translates in English to "Joe's small place" or "Joe's basement"?
  • GAMING HISTORY - In 1588, King James the First introduced a tax on playing cards requiring and insignia of the printer to be printed on what playing card?
  • JAPANESE FOOD - Shoyu ramen is named for which ingredient that gives the dish its distinguishing flavor?
  • GYMNOPHOBIA - Gymnophobia is the fear of what state of being?
  • U.S. GEOGRAPHY - This Bay-area city was originally to be named after Bank of California founder and businessman William Ralston but due to his modesty he declined in the city was named what?

Rate My Question

  • POP MUSIC - Which Canadian pop star originally wrote and sang the song "Breakaway" for her debut album before ultimately giving it to Kelly Clarkson?

Final Questions

  • TELEVISION - The Tommy Westphall universe is a theory that suggests a large number of TV shows including Frasier, The X-Files and Law & Order all take place in the mind of a child and is named for a character from what TV show?
  • CARTOONS - What is the name of the city that The Jetsons live in?
  • VEGETABLES - January King, Tuscan and Savoy are varieties of which vegetable of the genus brassica?
  • LIQUOR - O.P. Anderson is a brand of what kind of festive Scandinavian distilled spirit which often carries flavors of caraway or dill and is popularly paired with beer and whose name is derived from the Latin term for "water of life"?

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