Episode 249

Stephen Lambshanc


June 23rd, 2023

1 hr 44 mins 49 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet with Kyle Anne for a trivia quiz on topics including Biology, History, Greek Mythology, Television, Video Games, Sports, Movie Cameos and more!

Round One

  • BIOLOGY - Chardota, arthropoda and mollusca are all examples of which biological, taxonomic rank?
  • CRUSTACEANS - Including claws, how many pairs of legs do crawfish typically have?
  • GAME OF THRONES - "We do not sow" are the words of which major house of Westeros?
  • GREEK MYTHOLOGY - In Greek mythology, who was the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo, and was considered the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, vegetation and of chastity and childbirth?
  • U.S. HISTORY - What U.S. president was known as the "Father of the Constitution"?
  • 80’s TELEVISION - On the original Magnum P.I., which famous actor and filmmaker played the role of Magnum's elusive benefactor?

Round Two

  • VIDEO GAMES - In Nintendo's Zelda franchise, what is the term for the sacred relic (and symbol of power, wisdom, and courage) that is also the official crest of the royal family of Hyrule?
  • TECHNOLOGY - What is a loom mechanism for weaving small patterns and also a character in the Harry Potter series?
  • BAD SMELLS - Due to a high amount of Hydrogen Sulfide in the atmosphere, which planet is believed to smell similar to rotten eggs?
  • SPORTS - In what sport would you find a picador?
  • HISTORICAL GARMENTS - When Ilhan Omar was sworn into congress, she wore what kind of head covering (marking the lifting of a 181 year-old ban prohibiting the wearing of any kind of headwear in the chamber)?
  • SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE - One of the show’s longest running cast members, which Saturday Night alum holds the record for delivering the line "Live, from New York, it's Saturday night" (approximately 75 times)?

Rate My Question

  • FRENCH WORDS - One of [Marc's] favourite words, "Portmanteau", has another meaning. What is it?
  • CELEBRITIES - What stand-up comedian turned actor, whose film debut was in 1999, befriended an octogenarian homeless woman living in a laundromat, bringing her as his date to a number of his movies' premieres?

Final Questions

  • ETYMOLOGY - What modern technology word derives from the Czechoslovakian word for forced labor?
  • BOARD GAMES - The basis for what two player strategy game by Milton Bradley was allegedly enjoyed by 18th Century Captain Cook so much that before becoming better known by its common name was originally known as "Captain's Mistress"?
  • MOVIE CAMEOS - Which actor, while starring in a 1997 comedy film, made a cameo appearance in his own film as Fire Marshall Bill, a comedic character developed by the actor for a sketch comedy show?

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