Episode 251

Turn Into A Dragon


July 13th, 2023

1 hr 12 mins 45 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet for a trivia quiz with topics including Movies, Music, Sports, Technology, Pop Culture, Fashion, Medical and more!

Round One

  • 90’s NEWS - Under the 1966 Vandalism Act, 18-year old Michael Fay was caned due to car vandalization in what country?
  • 20th CENTURY MUSIC - Which instrument was American bandleader Glenn Miller famous for playing?
  • MOVIES - “Man eaten by alligators” is the action given by a director to an actor as well as the description on the canister of a reel of audio tape discovered in 2023 that contains which famous movie sound effect that has appeared in hundreds of films (starting with 1951’s “Distant Drums” and including Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars and Toy Story, among others)?
  • BASEBALL - How many teams are there in Major League Baseball?
  • TECHNOLOGY - Popularized by the 1983 techno-thriller movie WarGames, what term in Information Technology is used to describe a system that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic?
  • WORLD HISTORY - Which country's old name is Kemet, meaning "black land" (a reference to the fertile soil of its vast floodplains)?
  • FAMOUS CHARACTERS - Canio is the name of the lead character in what classic opera about a clown who murders his wife and her lover while performing on stage?

Round Two

  • HEAVY METAL - The metal hand sign, commonly referred to as "devil horns" is widely believed to have first been popularized by which metal vocalist?
  • MATERIALS - Which type of clay takes its name from the Italian words for 'baked earth'?
  • SOCCER - When passed the ball, how many opponents must be between the receiving player and the goal line to avoid an offsides penalty?
  • MOVIES - Which actor and stand up comedian was prominently featured in the 2009 documentary Good Hair?
  • FASHION - Inspired by sports and menswear, what type of heavily textured Scottish fabric was used by designer Coco Chanel in the 1920's for her company's Chanel Suit?
  • THE MUPPETS - What is the name of Kermit's nephew that has appeared in most productions, since The Muppet Show?

Rate My Question

  • PHYSIOLOGY - This peculiar reflex gets its portmanteau name by combining alliterative terms describing an involuntary body reaction, and its occurrence when one reaches fullness from eating. What is its name? (Or what two words make up its name?)

Final Questions

  • MEDICAL - A 'bible bump' is an old colloquial term for what medical condition, which most often occurs at the back of the wrist?
  • SPORTS TERMS - In Supercross racing, what is the term for a section of the track consisting of a long series of small bumps?

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