Episode 27

...But What If You Fly?


December 31st, 2018

1 hr 23 mins 50 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc talk about catchphrases they've developed and use regularly at trivia and are joined by singer/songwriter and host of the Be Your Own MILF podcast, Kyle Anne, for a bit of trivia.


Round One

  • Listed alphabetically, what is the first L country?
  • What city's team won this season's MLS cup, then took it to a strip club and had a stripper twerk on it?
  • Before appearing on Orange is the New Black, Laverne Cox wanted to work for what music mogul on a VH1 Reality show series in 2008?
  • What Age followed the Bronze Age?
  • What country did the fandango originate in?
  • What nobel prize winning author commited suicide by gunshot in 1961?

Round Two

  • Patrick Stewart played the role of Professor Charles Xavier in how many feature films?
  • At Disneyland Paris, ”Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant” is the castle for what fairy tale heroine?
  • What type of alcohol is typically used to make a mint julep?
  • The iconic painting titled "The Scream", which exists in four original versions (two pastels and two paintings) is credited to what Norwegian artist?
  • Christmas Island is a territory of what country?
  • In what country do Tangerines live?

Final Questions

  • In its debut in 1996, Time's Machine of the year, the Nintendo 64, launched with two games, Super Mario 64 and what flight simulator?
  • Before The Beatles album was titled Abbey Road, it was to be named after what location, inspired by a brand of cigarettes that enginer Geoff Emerick smoked?
  • What are the first and last names of the six main characters on Saved by the Bell?

Missed Corrections

Dallas wants everyone to know Dido was well known before Eminem sampled her song "Thank You" for his hit Stan.

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Dallas asks "What is the name of the limo driver in Die Hard?"