Episode 3

All Nines


July 16th, 2018

52 mins 48 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Pub Quizmasters Lee and Marc try to stump each other with their favorite questions of the week, as well as talk about being a quizmaster, scoring techniques and what makes for a good trivia question.

  • How many electoral votes does Florida get in the general election?
  • The star system closest to our own solar system is known by what name?
  • Ophidiophobia is the fear of what?
  • What kind of salesman has gained meme status by slapping his product?
  • Around which planet does Ganymede orbit?
  • How do Marc and Lee determine what topics and categories to pull questions from when designing a trivia challenge?
  • Which music producer attended his own memorial service in 1974?
  • Missed Corrections - Disney is not in Orlando, Lee reverses position on Magic City designation
  • What baseball fan caught hell and cost the Chicago Cubs an out in the 2003 Major League Baseball post season by reaching over the barrier, interfering with an outfield catch?
  • Mount Whitney is the highest peak in which mountain range?
  • What former Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer currently exists in a cryogenic state in the Alcore Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, AZ?
  • Why we don't like phones and other devices being used at live Trivia Challenges
  • What children’s TV character lived in Treasure House?
  • Opinions on players who preview answers during scoring break
  • What Major League Baseball Team did Turk Wendell sign to for $9,999,999.99, reportedly telling his agent “If I could ever get all nines, let’s do it.”
  • When placed in alphabetical order, which country appears first under the letter “N”?
  • The Facts of Life is a spin-off of what television series?
  • West Coast G-Rap Pioneer Dr. Dre introduced a young MC named Snoop Dogg on what 1992 single?

Music by @Breshnyda
End Mashup – "We Care A Lot" by Faith No More vs. "California Gurls" by Katy Perry