Episode 45

Bodice Ripper


May 12th, 2019

1 hr 10 mins 50 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmaster Lee is joined by three jaw-dropping talents from the Southwest Florida music scene: Angela Page (The Young Dead), Frankie Colt (Cobress) and returning guest, the singer-songwriter Kyle Anne! The four ask and answer trivia questions about bugs, 90's rock music, modern art, Italian desserts, African folklore and more!

Round One

  • ENTOMOLOGY - Plecia nearctica, bugs that are found mostly in tandem along the gulf coast in the Southeastern United States, are more commonly known by what nickname?
  • CANADIAN MUSIC HISTORY - During the 1990's, Canadian indie rock musician Feist was roommates and often collaborators with what electro-punk musician?
  • ETYMOLOGY - What phrase, which originated in the circus, describes someone who is the opposite of a Jack of All Trades?
  • POP CULTURE - What famous actress was well known for her shoplifting arrest in the 1990's?
  • HISTORY OF MODERN ART - Fluxus, an international art movement in the 1960's and 1970's which emphasized the making of the art over the finished project, and involved what Japanese American artist (among others)?
  • 90's MUSIC - What 90's male frontman performed backup vocals on Tori Amos's track "Passed the Mission"?

Missed Corrections

  • “In your 'oldest continuously running university' question (Episode 44) I referenced the battle of Hastings as 1099. It was 1066.” - Seth
  • The song Lee was trying to recall during the 'first black television host on American TV' question in Episode 42 was “I Wupped Batman’s Ass” by Wesley Willis.

Round Two

  • 90s MUSIC - Kay Hanley (lead singer of the 90's rock band Letters to Cleo) wrote all of the original songs in which Disney TV show?
  • ITALIAN DESSERTS - What Italian dessert is traditionally made of three kinds of ice cream molded into a bar, with nuts and fruits layered in?
  • SONGWRITERS - The song "Ring of Fire" was famously written by who?
  • AFRICAN FOLKLORE - In African folklore, Anansi, who tried to horde all of the world's wisdom before spilling it into the river for all to have, typically takes the form of what kind of creature?
  • CRADLE ROBBERS OF ROCK - How old was Brody Dalle, frontwoman of the band The Distillers, when she started dating Tim Armstrong, the lead singer of Rancid?
  • MNEMONICS - The phrase 'I Value Xylophones Like Cows Dig Milk' is a mnemonic device used to help remember what?

Final Questions

  • 90's MUSIC - Alanis Morrissette's hit "You Oughta Know" features guitar by Dave Navarro. Who played bass on the track?
  • BRITISH HISTORY - King Henry VIII had how many wives?
  • COURTNEY LOVE - Name three songs written in the 90's and early 2000's rumored to have been written about Courtney Love?
  • PINBALL - First released in 1992, and selling over 20,000 units, what movie-licensed pinball machine is the best selling pinball machine of all time?

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