Episode 49

Beef Strokin' Off


June 10th, 2019

1 hr 16 mins 9 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc go one-on-one with their favorite trivia questions of the week after having a quick chat about the benefits and consequences of using trivia night to instigate social change.

Round One

  • CLASSIC CARTOONS - What are the names of the brother and sister on The Jetsons?
  • GERMAN FOOD - The name for a traditional egg noodle dish in German cuisine is commonly known as what?
  • PAPAL PROTECTORS - Which country supplies the guard who protect the Pope?
  • LEE & RHYMES - Also known as an imperfect rhyme or a half-rhyme, what is the orientational term for a type of rhyme shares the same vowel or consonant sound as the original word?
  • MODERN HISTORY - In what year did the Tiananmen Square protests take place?
  • STAR WARS - Though he is no longer invited to official events for "burning too many bridges" according to Star Wars creator George Lucas, David Prowse is best known for his portrayal of what character in the original film trilogy?

Round Two

  • WOMEN IN HISTORY - Araminta Ross, a nurse, spy and women's suffrage activist was born in 1820 on a plantation in Dorchester County, Maryland, and is better known by what name?
  • LGBT+ HISTORY - What state, after California, became the second to teach mandatory LGBT+ history?
  • HORSE ANATOMY - Triangular in shape, what animal’s name is also the term for the underside of a horse's hoof?
  • IN OTHER WORDS… - What is acetylsalicylic acid better known as?
  • DAVID BOWIE - The classic David Bowie hits "Changes" "Life on Mars" and "Queen Bitch" all first appear on what album?
  • CANADIAN GEOGRAPHY - What is the smallest Canadian territory?

Final Questions

  • SPORTS BOOKS - The Wisden Almanac is kept with reference information regarding what sport?
  • STINKY CHEESE - Casu Marzu is a type of cheese made in Sardinia, Italy that is banned in the US and the EU due to the fact that it contains which living ingredient?

Weekly Wrap Up Winners List

  • June 5, 2019 @ Bury Me Brewing Co. - Rate Finkensteins (88 pts.)
  • June 6, 2019 @ No. 3 Craft Brews & Beer Bar - Peanut the Dog Brought Her Little Green Luftwaffe (68 pts.)

Upcoming LIVE Know Nonsense Trivia Challenges

  • June 12, 2019 – Fort Myers, FL – 7:00 PM @ Bury Me Brewing Co. (KNOW NONSENSE QUESTION: MAFIA MOVIES)
  • June 13, 2019 – Cape Coral, FL – 7:30 PM @ No. 3 Craft Brews & Beer Bar (KNOW NONSENSE QUESTION: GUNS)
  • June 18,2019 – Cape Coral FL – 6:00 PM @ Gather (KNOW NONSENSE QUESTION: TBD)

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