Episode 54

Daddy Pennybags


July 15th, 2019

53 mins 26 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee & Marc are back in the studio with a slate of questions (and a few answers.)

Round One

  • BASEBALL - What was Jackie Robinson's jersey number?
  • BUSINESS - What was the year the first iPhone, the iPhone 2G, released?
  • IDENTIFY A COMEDIAN - What comedian appeared in the following movies: Wayne's World, Coneheads, Airheads, Billy Madison
  • AGRICULTURE - Which country, between the Indian and Pacific oceans, is the world’s largest producer of coconuts?
  • STRANGER THINGS - What kind of candy is featured in season 3 of the show Stranger Things that did not exist in 1985, due to public safety concerns about an ingredient?
  • WORLD WAR I - Who was the emperor of Germany doing the first World War?

Missed Corrections

“I have a missed correction for the episode beef strokingoff. A couple, really. The stonewall riots were in New York. In regards to the sublime song "santeria", a "sancho" is a prison term for a man that "takes care of" (read: makes love to) your wife while you are incarcerated.” - Zach

“In Beef Strokin Off you mentioned the Stonewall Riots were in San Francisco. They were in fact in New York City on June 28th 1969. This was the riot that many credit with jumpstarting the gay rights movement. Also I’m pretty sure this is why Pride is usually celebrated in June. Also, the Miracle on ice in the 1980 Olympics took place in Lake Placid NY. The US boycotted the summer Olympics that same year which were in Moscow because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The USSR had threatened to boycott the Winter Olympics in response but never followed through.” - Ryan

Round Two

  • ORIENTATION - If you face North, how many degrees would you have to turn in a counter-clockwise direction to face East?
  • STAR WARS - What humanoid race in Star Wars are known for their exotic skin colors and long appendages protruding from the backs of their heads?
  • CAPITAL CONNECTION - While under Greek and Roman rule, Amman, the capital and most-populous city of Jordan, was once called by what name, shared with a U.S. city and named after one of Alexander the Great's generals?
  • MOVIE PLOT DETAIL - What is Bill Murray’s character’s name from the film Groundhog Day?
  • ANATOMY - The anatomical term Philtrum translates from the Greek word for "Love Charm" and can be found where on the human body?
  • LATIN - What does the latin phrase “ad hoc” literally translate to in english?
  • BIRDS - Capable of swimming 25 mph, what kind of bird has the distinction of being the fastest swimmer?
  • SEA CREATURES - What sea creature with regenerative properties does a boxing crab use for electric boxing gloves?
  • ANATOMY - What organ produces bile?

Rate My Questions

  • LANGUAGE - “The words oversight, dust, and off are examples of Janus words. What is a Janus word?” - Mike C.
  • DISNEY PARKS - “What county or counties is Walt Disney World located in?” - Taylor

Final Questions

  • MONTY PYTHON - In 1975, what was the first Monty Python film to be released that featured entirely new material, not previously seen on the comedy groups television series?
  • GEOGRAPHY - The main island of what country is known historically as “formosa”?
  • U.S. PRESIDENTS - Between Grant and Taft, who is the only president to serve without facial hair, who was also assassinated?

Weekly Wrap Up

  • June 2nd, 2019 @ Gather - MEGSTEN 90 pts.
  • June 3rd, 2019 @ Bury Me Brewing Co. - NEW BFF’s 50 pts.
  • June 9th, 2019 @ Gather - LEFT OF SANITY 96 pts.
  • June 10th, 2019 @ Bury Me Brewing Co. - FOXTROT OSCAR 83 pts.
  • June 11th, 2019 @ No. 3 Craft Brews & Beer Bar - EXPLODING KITTENS & THE SQUEAKY CHAIRS 122 pts.

Upcoming LIVE Know Nonsense Trivia Challenges

  • July 15th, 2019 @ Cape Coral FL – 7:00 PM @ Palace Pub & Wine Bar
  • July 2nd, 2019 @ Cape Coral FL – 6:00 PM @ Gather (KNOW NONSENSE QUESTION: TBD)
  • July 3rd, 2019 @ Fort Myers, FL – 7:00 PM @ Bury Me Brewing Co. (KNOW NONSENSE QUESTION: MIAMI DOLPHINS)
  • July 11, 2019 @ Cape Coral, FL – 7:30 PM @ No. 3 Craft Brews & Beer Bar (KNOW NONSENSE QUESTION: SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME)
  • July 27, 2019 @ Cape Coral, FL – 7:00 PM @ No. 3 Craft Brews & Beer Bar (THEMED TRIVIA: STAR TREK)

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