Episode 68

Shrimp on the Barbae


October 21st, 2019

1 hr 27 mins 10 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee & Marc meet for their weekly trivia-based chat, sharing questions and talking about quiz writing. The pair also talk about Lee’s wedding (and honeymoon), some best worst answers, and Marc’s big week in trivia, including stories from his fifth anniversary of hosting trivia at Nice Guys Pizza.

Round One

  • SANDWICHES - Named after a comic strip character known for enjoying such delicacies, and available to order at Universal Studios's Islands of Adventure, what is the term for a sandwich with "everything" on it?
  • MOVIE SOUNDTRACKS - The Nate Dogg and Warren G song ‘Regulate’ was featured on the soundtrack of what 1994 film?
  • ASTRONOMY - In what constellation are the Seven Sisters, otherwise known as the Pleiades, located?
  • MEDICAL TERMS - Pseudofolliculitis barbae is a medical term for persistent irritation caused by what?
  • 80’s MUSIC - In March of 1986, what hit song that was inspired by a movie, became the first German language song to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100?
  • U.S./ASIA RELATIONS - What was the name of the American student who was caned in Singapore for graffiti?

Best Worst Answers

  • PUNS - Answer in the form of a pun: When is a door not a door?
  • STATE BIRDS - What is the state bird of the Maryland?
  • TELEVISION - Who played the titular character of Xena: Warrior Princess in the show of the same name?

Missed Corrections

“Hey guys. Love the podcast, but I feel like this impeachment concept is still not being communicated accurately. It's pretty simple though...The House of Reps impeaches (the Senate does not). You can think of this part of the process sort of like a criminal indictment that yields formal charges. If the House passes impeachment articles (charges), the process is moved into the Senate where they try the case (which is presided over by the chief justice of the SCOTUS). There are several options the Senate can take, but the ultimate outcome is conviction and removal from office. This is how a president can be impeached but not convicted or removed. Basically all that means is that the House was really pissed off at the president, voted on some charges, but the Senate didn't do anything concrete about it. - “submitted by Evan Tishuk

Shout out to Dan Lundberg and Chuck Grovenor for educating us further on the process of impeachment in the Know Nonsense Trivia Facebook group.

Round Two

  • GRAPHIC DESIGN - What three letter word does the K stand for in ‘CMYK’?
  • MUSICIAN PLANE CRASHES - What Golden Globe-nominated country singer lost eight band members and her business manager when one of the band's two charter jet planes crashed into the side of Otay Mountain in 1991?
  • CURRENT EVENTS - Ten days of protests have ended after President Lenin Moreno agreed to repeal austerity measures and restore fuel subsidies in what country?
  • SPORTS - Loosely based on Badminton, what is typically is used in place of the shuttlecock in the sport of Pickleball?
  • TEA - When flavored with Bergamot oil, tea leaves become what blend?
  • GEOGRAPHY - What are the only two countries that totally surround other countries?

Rate My Question

  • “Borborygmus is the scientific name for what common bodily function?” - submitted by Proverbial Lightkeeper Dylan
  • “Who was the former King of England, who abdicated the throne in 1936 due to the fact that he wanted to marry divorcee, American socialite Wallis Simpson?” - submitted by Ian Anderson

Final Questions

  • UNITS OF MEASUREMENT - Recognized by Google Earth, Google Calculator and the Amercian Heritage Dictionary, what non-standard humorous unit of measurement is approximately 5 foot 7 inches long and named after a student who used himself to measure the Harvard Bridge in 1958?
  • THE PERIODIC TABLE - How many elements on the periodic table have only one letter in their chemical symbol?
  • TELEVISION - In what year did the television series Three’s Company premiere?

Weekly Wrap Up

  • October 7th, 2019 @ Palace - As You Wish, 83 pts.
  • October 8th, 2019 @ Gather - Tarpon Charlies, 78 pts.
  • October 10th, 2019 @ No. 3 Craft Brews & Beer Bar - Nobody Puts Squeaky In the Corner, 100 pts.

Upcoming LIVE Know Nonsense Trivia Challenges

  • October 7th, 2019 – Cape Coral FL – 7:00 PM @ Palace Pub & Wine Bar. Categories for the quiz will include ROBIN WILLIAMS, RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE, BASEBALL, FRENCH WINE, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, CLASSIC ROCK & more. Final question category will be PHIL COLLINS selected by last week’s biggest learners ‘ Big Yoshi’.
  • October 8th, 2019 – Cape Coral FL – 7:00 PM @ Gather. Categories for the quiz will include AMERICAN HISTORY, CHEMISTRY, COLOR THEORY, DOG BREEDS, BIRDS and more. Final wager question category will be DESSERTS selected by last week’s biggest learners ‘Sleepless In Seattle’.
  • October 10th, 2019 – Cape Coral, FL – 7:00 PM @ No. 3 Craft Brews & Beer Bar. Categories for the quiz will include HALLOWEEN, BRITISH LITERATURE, PHARMACEUTICALS, BACK TO THE FUTURE, NINTENDO, CARS, THE VENTURE BROS. and more. The final category that evening will be BRIGHT EYES selected by last week’s biggest learners ‘As You Wish’.
  • THE OFFICE TRIVIA - November 2nd, 2019 – Cape Coral, FL – 6:00 PM @ No. 3 Craft Brews & Beer Bar. Categories for the quiz THE OFFICE CALENDAR, SCRANTON HANGOUTS, HUMAN RESOURCES, SALES TECHNIQUES

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