Episode 7

Honey Tree Evil Eye


August 13th, 2018

1 hr 10 mins 53 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Join quizmasters Lee and Marc and our first guest Seth as they guess and reveal the answers to these questions and more in this episode of the Know Nonsense Trivia Podcast!

Round One

  • IN OTHER WORDS... - What ancient Hindu text's name translates to "The Binding Thread of Desire?"
  • FINAL PERFORMANCES - What film features Heath Ledger's final acting performance?
  • ANCIENT WEATHER - What weather phenomenon would increase the likelihood of a Roman emporer being assassinated?
  • BOARD GAMES - What are the four railroads in Monopoly?
  • ANIMAL ANATOMY - Iguanas, Koalas, and Komodo Dragons all uncommonly have two what?

Round Two

  • DOGS IN POP CULTURE - What breed of dog is often depicted carrying kegs of brandy to serve to humans in distress, a practice which never actually occured?
  • THE GOOD BOOK - In the Christian Bible, Cain & Abel are the first children of Adam & Eve. What was their third son named?
  • BEER - The White Horse Tavern, the oldest tavern in the United States, is located in which state, which was also the last state to be added to the union among the original 13 colonies?
  • U.S. PRESIDENTS - Which U.S. president repealed prohibition?
  • SOLITAIRY ACHIEVEMENTS - What country music legend is the only entertainer to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for all five categories (radio, recording, motion pictures, television & live performance)?
  • * COMPANY MOTTOS - What multinational technology company once used the motto "Be What's Next?"

Final Questions

  • EPITAPHS - What singer's epitaph is "True to his own spirit?"
  • LINGUISTICS - What is the linguistic term for when the first letter sounds of two words are flipped (to humorous effect)?
  • WORLD WAR II - What was the name of the operation involving the invasion of the Soviet Union by the Axis powers, which occurred in June 1941 during World War II?

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