Episode 91

Can You Smell It?


March 30th, 2020

1 hr 36 mins 59 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

Quizmasters Lee and Marc get together for their favorite trivia questions of the week and discuss the transition of moving their pub trivia quizzes online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Marc defines the elements he takes into consideration when considering information to include in particular questions.

Categories for the quiz include History, Etymology, U.S. Geography, Alt-Rock History, Pop Culture, Movie Musicals, Retro Video Games, U.S. Geography, Vocabulary, Alternative Movie Titles, Physics, 80’s Music, Food, Drinks and more!

Round One

  • HISTORY - In what year did the Bay of Pigs invasion take place?
  • ETYMOLOGY - What term for a financial windfall stems from a variation of Poker popular in the mid-to-late 19th century?
  • U.S. GEOGRAPHY - What is the closest U.S. state to Africa?
  • ALT-ROCK HISTORY - What 90’s Alternative Funk Rock band was originally called Trucking Company, and grew out of a side project of Blue’s Travelers John Popper?
  • POP CULTURE - What was the name of one of the deadliest marksmen in U.S. history who was profiled in the movie Sniper?
  • MOVIE MUSICALS - Who plays the Madam Miss Mona in a 1982 musical film alongside actors Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLouise and which follows the story of a revived-bordello named “The Chicken Ranch”?

Missed Corrections

  • “Dudes! You guys sounded great and were funny as ever. Hope you keep doing this for the foreseeable future. Hearing you guys was a relief from all the craziness. Keep on sussin'!” - Clayton
  • “I just said "Bless You" to Marc while listening to the latest episode. I may need some actual human interaction soon.” Gil
  • “In reference to the first question of this week's episode: The character in Get Smart is named Maxwell Smart... Not Frank Smart…” - Andrew
  • “Small interesting nugget on the star trek question in the most recent podcast: in Futurama's episode "the Problem with Pobblers", the crew lands on a planet in search of food. Leela gets a reading from the thing on her wrist saying that it is a "Type 'M' planet, so there should at least be some roddenberries". I got the question immediately because the episode just happened to be on before me switching over to podcasts. Great episode as always, stay safe and facetime your loved ones!” - Team Captain Aaron

Round Two

  • RETRO VIDEO GAMES - What are the names of the four characters introduced in 1993's Street Fighter II: The New Challengers?
  • U.S. GEOGRAPHY - What are the names of the two tunnels that connect New York to New Jersey under the Hudson River?
  • VOCABULARY - ‘Uxoricide’ is the killing of one’s what?
  • U.S. HISTORY - Which U.S. president and former Governor of Cuba and The Phillippines left office in 1913 after losing re-election stating, "I’m glad to be going–this is the lonesomest place in the world."
  • ALTERNATE MOVIE TITLES - Mr. Cat Poop was the Chinese Translation of the title of what James Brooks directed movie?
  • PHYSICS - What is the term for the antimatter equivalent of the electron?

Rate My Question

  • 80’s MUSIC - Rick Allen single-handedly kept the beat for what 80's rock band? - submitted by Ben
  • FOOD - Believe it or not, this was the world's first synthetic food? - submitted by Ben

Final Questions

  • MOVIES - Richard Attenborough played Kris Kringle in what famous movie?
  • DRINKS - Named after an ancient civilization, what yellow soda is the best selling soda drink of Peru?

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