Episode 236

Lamborghini Alfredo


February 6th, 2023

2 hrs 29 mins 46 secs

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Quizmasters Lee and Marc meet with Skyler for a food-themed quiz with other topics including TV, Sports, Cars, Languages, Astronomy and more!


  • COOKING - A mirepoix is a flavor base for cooked dishes which most commonly includes which three vegetables?

Round One

  • VEGETABLES - Lollo rosso, oilseed and summercrisp are varieties of which vegetable (which shares its name with a jam band)?
  • SEINFELD - Which arcade game debuted in 1981, features the song "Yankee Doodle Dandy" as its game music and is featured in an episode of Seinfeld where George discovers he still holds a decade-old high score on a local machine?
  • NICKELODEON - Getting her start in the early 90's (starring in Kraft Mayonnaise commercial and movies like Fried Green Tomatoes and the show Orange is the New Black), Constance Shulman was the voice actor for what Nickelodeon cartoon character?
  • CARS - Which car maker produces the models Chiron and Veyron?
  • GEOGRAPHY - Which northeastern city is the U.S.'s smallest state capital by population (and the only one without a McDonald's)?
  • ANIMAL HUSBANDRY - Based on the color of what part of a chicken's body can you predict their egg's shell?

Round Two

  • WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN - Competitors of the World's Strongest Man competition are often challenged to "toss" various increasing weights of what kind of object over a 14.6 ft tall bar?
  • EMO MUSIC - What Philadelphia-based pop and indie folk group with a name that is a romantic pun based on a U.S. State, is known for songs such as "Cut Yr Teeth" and "This Song Used to Be About You?"
  • BAND MEMBERS OF 2010’s MIDWEST EMO REVIVAL GROUPS - What band, active from 1997-2007 before reuniting in 2014, was formed by Mike Kinsella and Steve Holmes while both were still attending High School in Wheeling, Illinois?
  • VOCABULARY - Ovine is relating to or resembling sheep, bovine to cattle; what is caprine relating to or resembling?
  • FOOD TERMS - Overrun is a term referring to the amount of air that is mixed into what sweet treat?
  • LANGUAGES - Lazar Ludwig Zamenhof invented which language, intended the be a universal second language for international communication? ASTRONOMY - Using a telescope of his own design in 1610, Galileo changed the field of astronomy forever when he observed and discovered four moons that, at the time, interestingly, did not belong to Earth but which other planet in our solar system?
  • SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES - Many modern discoveries, like mercury thermometers, refrigeration, pasteurization, and the glass bottle, came to be while trying to solve multiple problems while processing what beverage?

Rate My Question

  • EXTRACTS - Carmine, a red dye commonly used in Campari, Lipstick, and General Tso sauces is derived from what type of scale insect?

Final Questions

  • OLYMPICS - During the 1992 Summer Olympics, what country won the Men's Basketball bronze medal while famously sponsored by the rock band The Grateful Dead due to the country's dire economic situation? In 2001, what surpassed tuna as America's most eaten seafood?
  • STAR WARS - What three-word phrase was adopted by Star Wars purists after George Lucas's notorious edit of the cantina scene for 1997’s Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition?

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